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Judge Dismisses Big Olive Oil Lawsuit Aimed At Dr. Oz

Late last year, an olive oil industry trade group sued TV’s Dr. Oz, claiming the talk show host had made disparaging statements about the quality and purity of its members’ products. [More]


Rising Olive Oil Prices In Europe May Catch Up With Us Eventually

Olive oil is a kitchen staple, used for everything from cooking up veggies to delicately dipping pieces of bread. It’s also becoming a more expensive staple due to weather in olive-growing countries Spain, Italy, and Greece. Hot weather, fruit flies, and flooding across those regions mean a much smaller harvest. [More]

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Big Olive Oil Accuses Dr. Oz Of Disparagement

The “Dr. Oz effect” usually refers to the popular talk show host’s ability to turn unproven “miracle cures” and weight loss fads into instant successes, but fortunes can swing the other way when the Great and Doctorful Oz says not-nice things about a product. [More]

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6 Out Of 11 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Tested Don’t Meet Standard

There’s at least some good news out of the National Consumer League’s recent tests of olive oil that they purchased in retail stores in the Washington, DC area: out of all the samples they tested, none of them contained oil that wasn’t olives. That’s an improvement over other recent olive oil testing, including an investigation that the New York Times published last year. Unfortunately, all of that olive oil wasn’t exactly as advertised. [More]

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California Lays Down New Requirements For Olive Oil Labels

Sure, the label says California olive oil — but how do you know something else hasn’t crept in along the way, an oil of another sort? California is trying to prevent that adulteration from happening by instituting new standards for olive oil makers in the state. [More]

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Don’t Put Your Bread In The Fridge & Other Important Food Storage Tips

We’ve all got a somewhat innate sense of where to store the foods we eat in our modern cultures — you’re not going to stick your ice cream in the pantry and expect it to stay frozen, or freeze your fresh apples. But what about butter — countertop or refrigerator? Should I really use that “eggs” slot on the inside of my fridge door? Answer us, oh kitchen gods! [More]


We Tried Grilled Cheese Fried In Mayo And It Is Delicious

Odds are many of you out there in this vast country of ours are looking out the window and seeing a snowy/sleety/icy/otherwise yucky wintry landscape. What’s better than a warm, gooey grilled cheese on a day like today? Maybe a grilled cheese fried not in butter or olive oil, as you might be accustomed to, but in (drumroll, please)… mayonnaise. [More]


Amazing Non-Food Uses For The Stuff In Your Pantry

Your pantry is full of stuff, some of which you might even have looked at in the last year. What you may not know is that many of the simplest pantry staples have multiple uses around the house. Beyond cleaning with baking soda and cleaning your face with olive oil, there are some more unexpected uses for these items. [More]

Olive Oil ‘For Kids’ Is Apparently A Thing

Olive Oil ‘For Kids’ Is Apparently A Thing

Marketing material for Zoe brand organic extra virgin olive oil targeted at kids brags that it is “at the forefront of the burgeoning children’s health food market.” While it’s good news that there is food targeted at children that doesn’t contain alarming shades of food dye, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, or even “cheez,” it’s still Olive Oil For Kids, and we’re still going to snicker at it. [More]

US Is A Dumping Ground For Crappy, Dangerous Olive Oil

US Is A Dumping Ground For Crappy, Dangerous Olive Oil

Demand for extra virgin olive oil is up — but we apparently don’t have strict standards that prevent companies from adulterating “extra virgin” olive oil with cheaper stuff such canola, safflower or peanut oils, says the LA Times. New standards from the US Department of Agriculture aim to change that this fall, however. [More]

New USDA Rules Seek To End Olive Oil Confusion

New USDA Rules Seek To End Olive Oil Confusion

While the rest of the federal government seems to be wrapped up in cleaning up the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Dept. of Agriculture has had its laser beams set on oil from a different source — olives. [More]

25 Uses For Olive Oil Other Than, You Know, Cooking With It

25 Uses For Olive Oil Other Than, You Know, Cooking With It

We’re a sucker for these lists of alternate uses for common household items.

Last Minute DIY Holiday Gifts

Last Minute DIY Holiday Gifts

Are you a lazy shopper? Well, instead of just buying someone another crappy gift card at the last minute, why not make them something.? We know what you’re saying, “F-you, this isn’t Martha Stewart. This is the Consumerist.” Yeah, but people really like it when you make them something! Really! It’s not just something your mom made up. Domino has some suggestions for last minute DIY gifts, and some of them are pretty cool. Like infused olive oil. Brilliant and tasty, just add bread. What last minute DIY gifts do you like to give? We like to make chocolate chip cookies. Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies! Yay!—MEGHANN MARCO

Insane Sears Repair Guy Pours Olive Oil and Super Glue Everywhere

Insane Sears Repair Guy Pours Olive Oil and Super Glue Everywhere

Sometimes tips come in and they’re too insane not to be true. Not that you people don’t have imagination, but a Sears Repair Guy that pours your olive oil all over the inside of the dishwasher? We had to ask for photos. Joseph writes in after two experiences with Sears Repair Guys. The first guy was nice, on-time, and couldn’t fix Joseph’s dryer. So he didn’t charge. No problem. The second guy was, apparently, insane. From Joseph’s email: