Olive Oil ‘For Kids’ Is Apparently A Thing

Marketing material for Zoe brand organic extra virgin olive oil targeted at kids brags that it is “at the forefront of the burgeoning children’s health food market.” While it’s good news that there is food targeted at children that doesn’t contain alarming shades of food dye, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, or even “cheez,” it’s still Olive Oil For Kids, and we’re still going to snicker at it.

As anyone who has or used to be a child can attest, their tiny taste buds can make them alarmingly finicky, so this idea almost makes sense. It’s just that olive oil doesn’t top the list of foods most people would think required a special kids’ version.

There are no Amazon reviews from actual parents yet, but one mommy blogger who tried the product (after receiving a free sample) seemed to like it, writing:

It is so fruity and I don’t know if this will make sense…but it is not oily…yes, I know it is Olive Oil, but it doesn’t have the oil mouth feel or taste. I could easily drink it by the shot glass.

The pour spout was easy to pull up out of the can and pour. I loved the smaller size, which I believe encourages children to use Zoe for Kids more often. We now keep our can of Zoe on the table for all meals. My boys are HUGE pasta fans and are now choosing Zoe over butter on their pasta!! They love the flavor and can’t get enough of it.

So if anyone needs me tonight, I’ll be in my kitchen trying to formulate a mixed drink that includes “fresh, sweet and fruity” olive oil.

Zoe For Kids Organic Olive Oil [Official Site] (Thanks, Jody!)

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