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Your Marijuana Delivery Service Might Be Extra Busy This New Year’s Eve

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal in some form, you might be looking forward to bidding 2016 goodbye and easing into 2017 with your favorite bong or a fresh batch of pot brownies. You won’t be the only one: marijuana deliveries are expected to spike on New Year’s Eve. [More]


Would You Pay $400 For A New Year’s Eve Dinner At Olive Garden In Times Square?

UPDATE: That $400 price tag will include breadsticks, despite earlier reports. [More]

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A Giant Wedge Of Cheese, A (Stuffed) Possum And 14 Other Things Dropping At Midnight

Everyone knows that at midnight tonight in the Eastern time zone, there will be a giant ball dropping in the middle of New York City’s Time Square. And while other cities all over the world have adopted the ball drop as a sign of the new year replacing the old, there are some towns in our fair country where a humdrum sphere simply has no place. [More]

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Going Out On New Year’s Eve? Plan Ahead So You Don’t Get Hit By Surge Prices

Don’t want to be like that person shocked to find she’s paid out a huge chunk of change the night before due to Uber’s surge pricing? Start the New Year out right and make a plan to avoid those fee hikes, before you hit the bubbly and decide money is immaterial. Your 2015 self will thank you for making the right choice, I promise. [More]


Netflix Will Help Parents Trick Kids Into Going To Bed Early On New Year’s Eve

It is well known in younger circles that it is a right granted by Father Time himself that on one night every year, children are allowed to stay up way past their bedtimes, all the way to (gasp!) midnight. New Year’s Eve is the weapon children wield against parents who’d rather see them snug in bed by the time the ball drops, but this year, parents have their own instrument to gain an edge in the bedtime battle. [More]

John Oliver: New Year’s Eve Is “Like The Death Of A Pet”

John Oliver: New Year’s Eve Is “Like The Death Of A Pet”

For some people, Dec. 31 is the night to send out the old year with a blast, celebrating and partying into the early hours of the new year. But for others, it’s a day marked on the calendar to lock oneself in the basement with enough sustenance and water (and access to a toilet and sink) while waiting the debauch out. [More]

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Just Because You Can Fit $1,100 In Champagne Down Your Pants Doesn’t Mean You Should

Sure, everyone wants a bit of bubbly to ring in the New Year on Dec. 31, but the way to do it is purchase it. Which means you should not stuff a bunch of Champagne down your pants and just walk out of the liquor store. Because while it’s impressive that one could fit so many bottles securely in clothing, that’s stealing. [More]


Behind The Bubbly: Why You’ll Be Toasting 2013 With Champagne Tonight

It’s fizzy, it goes down easy and tonight people around the globe will be clinking glasses of champagne to ring in the new year. But why? Why does the bubbly stuff pair so well with “Auld Lang Syne”? These are questions that must be answered before the ball drops, obviously. And this way you can have a fun party fact to impress whoever might be willing to listen. [More]

End The Old Year With A Cheap Celebration

End The Old Year With A Cheap Celebration

New Year’s Eve nights out are recipes for big spending with little to show for it. Costs of cover charges, outfits and drinks quickly add up, closing out the year with financial fireworks that burn you out before you try to make a fresh start. [More]