Your Marijuana Delivery Service Might Be Extra Busy This New Year’s Eve

Image courtesy of PhotoFM

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal in some form, you might be looking forward to bidding 2016 goodbye and easing into 2017 with your favorite bong or a fresh batch of pot brownies. You won’t be the only one: marijuana deliveries are expected to spike on New Year’s Eve.

Marijuana deliveries started to increase in time for folks to have a very merry Christmas, with a 23% increase in Dec. 23 deliveries over the yearly Friday average, and another 6% jump on Christmas Eve, Forbes reports, citing data from a marijuana tech company called Eaze.

New Year’s Eve deliveries will surge even more, with an expected increase of 71% on Dec. 31, and a 41% spike on Jan. 1 for those in recovery mode.

These aren’t the weed delivery people you see on TV shows like High Maintenance, however, and are instead drivers who ferry the drugs for thousands of medical marijuana patients in the 100 or so markets Eaze serves.

Why are deliveries hopping these days? There could be a few reasons: people are feeling stressed out due to the holidays and just want to relax; folks are giving pot as a holiday gift; or it’s simply becoming more acceptable to toke up at holiday gatherings now that marijuana is legal in more states.

A word to the wise, however: unless you want a Maureen Dowd situation on your hands, advise your party guests that there are marijuana-infused goodies on the buffet table before they start shoving brownies in their mouths.

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