Going Out On New Year’s Eve? Plan Ahead So You Don’t Get Hit By Surge Prices

Image courtesy of (New England Oddities)

Don’t want to be like that person shocked to find she’s paid out a huge chunk of change the night before due to Uber’s surge pricing? Start the New Year out right and make a plan to avoid those fee hikes, before you hit the bubbly and decide money is immaterial. Your 2015 self will thank you for making the right choice, I promise.

Uber is reminding people now, while reminders still work and before the party haze settles upon our collective brains, that surge pricing will go into effect right at the moment everyone wants a ride home.

Planning in advance when you’re going to hit the road will help, as Uber explains the best and worst times to grab a car if you’re not ready to pay surge fares.

Basically, your instincts are correct: Just before the ball drops fares will be low, but soon after that orb hits the ground, Uber fares will shoot upand stay up until everyone is partied out, at around 2:30 a.m.:


In other words, you’re going to want to stay put for a good three hours into 2015, split a fare with your friends as many times as possible, or risk a nice dent in your finances to pay for it.

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