Passenger Sues Airline For Serving Him Sparkling Wine Instead Of Champagne

Sure, you may have a preference when it comes to ordering fancy drinks on a flight, but would you be ticked off enough to sue over bubbly that is not actually Champagne? [More]

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Welcome To Happy Hour: There’s Now A Champagne Vending Machine

You can get just about anything from a vending machine nowadays: Snapchat glasses, meat, used cars, shoes, the list goes on. But if you find yourself in need of a libation for a celebration, you’re out of luck — unless you’re in Las Vegas, home to the country’s first Champagne vending machine.  [More]

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Champagne Makers Warn Of Bubbly Shortage After Rotten Growing Season

Say it isn’t so: just hours after we reported that a shortage of orange gourds could lead to a perfunctory pumpkin beer season, we get news that Champagne makers are preparing for a shortage of the bubbly beverage.  [More]

Denny’s Is Selling A $300 Breakfast Because Everyone Wants Champagne In The Morning

Denny’s Is Selling A $300 Breakfast Because Everyone Wants Champagne In The Morning

Not all Denny’s locations are created equal. That’s especially true of the chain’s new New York City Financial District location that’s selling a $300 breakfast complete with a bottle of bubbly. [More]

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Just Because You Can Fit $1,100 In Champagne Down Your Pants Doesn’t Mean You Should

Sure, everyone wants a bit of bubbly to ring in the New Year on Dec. 31, but the way to do it is purchase it. Which means you should not stuff a bunch of Champagne down your pants and just walk out of the liquor store. Because while it’s impressive that one could fit so many bottles securely in clothing, that’s stealing. [More]

Someone Please Explain Why We Don’t Have Stores Here With Champagne Vending Machines

Someone Please Explain Why We Don’t Have Stores Here With Champagne Vending Machines

All the vending machines I’ve encountered in these United States are boring — the usual soda, bottled water, candy, gum or at airports, iPods and ear buds. Yawn. Boring. Not one of our vending machines (that I know of) dispenses the bubbly stuff. Yeah, you read that right. There’s a vending machine in the U.K. that delivers Moët & Chandon Champagne. [More]


Behind The Bubbly: Why You’ll Be Toasting 2013 With Champagne Tonight

It’s fizzy, it goes down easy and tonight people around the globe will be clinking glasses of champagne to ring in the new year. But why? Why does the bubbly stuff pair so well with “Auld Lang Syne”? These are questions that must be answered before the ball drops, obviously. And this way you can have a fun party fact to impress whoever might be willing to listen. [More]

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Fancy People, Revelers Everywhere Worried About This Year’s Low Champagne Harvest

That bubbly you toast with on New Year’s Eve (or any toastable occasion, like finishing a work week without crying more than four times) could be in danger: France is reporting its lowest champagne harvest in 40 years, after vineyards were severely damaged by hailstorms, wet weather and fungus. [More]

Sparkling Wine Is Just As Good As Champagne (When It's Well Made)

Sparkling Wine Is Just As Good As Champagne (When It's Well Made)

The Champagne Bureau, a trade organization representing “the grape growers and houses of Champagne, France,” just sent us a nonsensical press release warning consumers to be on the lookout for imposter champagne. WATCH OUT! You’re pouring sparkling wine into your mouth, you jerk! The thing is, the only real reason “champagne” is unique is because wine houses in that region of France managed to get laws passed to prevent anyone else from using the word on their own sparkling wines. They’re all sparkling wines; how they’re made is what determines quality.

You People Are Buying A Lot Of Champagne

You People Are Buying A Lot Of Champagne

Not since the buying frenzy of 1999, when people bought champagne in bulk to ring in the millennium, have U.S. champagne and sparkling wine sales been so high. Volume for 2007 is expected to hit 900 million glasses, up 4% over 2006, says the 2007 Impact Annual Wine Study.

Ahhhh, the Frenshhh… Orson Welles for Paul Masson

It’s Monday morning. After a weekend of lubricated excess, our skulls seem just about ready to split open in jagged cranial shards, expelling the alcohol-befuddled goop inside. The universe does dizzying pirouettes about us; all we want to do is lay on the couch, watch the Sleepover Club on Nickelodeon, remark to ourselves how some of those girls are definitely long-term investments and sweat out our delirium tremens. Yet here we are, soldiering forth against our body’s most desperate urges to our loathed jobs, where being drunk is simply not a valid excuse for absence. Except in Ireland.