Sewage Leak Splashes Hundreds Of Checked Bags At Nashville Airport

Yesterday morning, water from a restroom directly above the baggage handling area at Nashville’s airport leaked through the floor and onto hundreds of bags below. While the water came from a plugged toilet, officials treated it as sewage, and removed 380 bags from Southwest flights that were on the carousel to check for, um, dampness. [More]

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Nashville Asks Court To Dismiss Comcast’s Google-Fiber-Blocking Lawsuit

It’s time for the next episode of everyone’s favorite legal drama, “Comcast and AT&T do everything they can to block Google Fiber from coming to Nashville.” Most court proceedings are a months- or years-long series of back-and-forth filings before any hearings on the merits ever take place, and this one is no exception. This time around, it’s Nashville’s turn to ask the court to hear it out. [More]

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Comcast Joins AT&T, Sues Nashville To Slow Down Google Fiber Construction

The “fun” in Nashville never ends… at least, not for lawyers who enjoy suing the city. They’ve got plenty of work ahead of them, now that Comcast is joining the “let’s sue Nashville to block new competition” club. [More]

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AT&T Taking Nashville To Court To Try To Slow Down Google Fiber

They said they’d do it, and so, by gum, they’re doing it: Surprising basically nobody, AT&T has filed a lawsuit against the city of Nashville and its officials, seeking to block a recently-passed law that would make it possible for Google Fiber to come to town. [More]


Nashville Council Adopts Law To Let Google Fiber Come To Town; AT&T Prepares To Sue

Google Fiber is one step closer to being physically able to bring their service to Nashville, which is great news for Nashvillians. It’s less good news for Comcast and AT&T, which do not want more competition in town, and which are revving up their legal engines to fight it as much as possible. [More]

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Comcast, AT&T Try Again To Stall Google Fiber In Nashville By Writing Law To Slow It Down

There’s been a fight a-brewing in local politics in Nashville for weeks. At its most basic, it’s some disagreement about utility regulation. But it’s also, an another level, every fight about broadband competition — and the lack thereof — going on in the U.S. right now, distilled down into one city. Our players? Google, Comcast, AT&T, and the Nashville metro council. [More]

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Nashville Advances Proposal To Let Google Fiber In Despite AT&T, Comcast Protests

Google Fiber wants to come to Nashville. Nashville wants to let it. But incumbent providers — AT&T and Comcast — really hate letting more competitors horn in on their game. And all of that is the stage upon which this week city politicians advanced their proposal to let Google Fiber come to town. [More]


UPDATED: Comcast Bringing Next-Gen Internet Service To Chicago

UPDATE: Comcast now tells Consumerist that Chicago-area customers will indeed be able to get the lower, $70/month rate, but they will have to phone the company to get it (once their neighborhood has been upgraded to the next-gen service, of course). [More]

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Nashville Mayor Wants Google, Comcast, AT&T To Sit Down And Make Nice Over Fiber Plans

Incumbent cable and telecom companies push back hard when Google wants to come to town with Fiber service. But while corporations file legal challenges and yell at each other by proxy, residents are stuck in the middle without competitive service. [More]


Charter, Comcast, AT&T Really Want To Stall Chance Of Competition From Google Fiber

Consumers really like Google Fiber. Or, at the very least, they like the idea of Google Fiber: when the company says it’s considering bringing its super-speedy internet service to town, prospective subscribers happily sign up and towns do what they need to do to make themselves attractive to the business. And that sits very, very poorly with the companies that are already in town and don’t want to deal with a pesky thing like competition. [More]


Scammers Allegedly Rent Chevy Suburban From Enterprise, Sell It On Craigslist For $30K

Every day, across the country, there are plenty of commercial transactions that take place in fast-food parking lots, and which originated on Craigslist, which are entirely legitimate. This was not one of them. Two man put together a strange and clever scheme: they flew to Nashville, rented a Chevrolet Suburban worth $60,000, put a fake plate on it, and forged documents saying that it didn’t belong to Enterprise. Then they listed it for sale on Craigslist. [More]

Comcast’s Next-Gen Broadband Service Coming To 5 Cities This Year

Comcast’s Next-Gen Broadband Service Coming To 5 Cities This Year

A few weeks after flipping the switch on its first next-generation DOCSIS 3.1 modem — which can deliver speeds faster than Google Fiber over existing cable lines — Comcast is detailing plans on which markets will be the first to get access to the service. [More]

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Southwest Flight Veers Off Runway After Landing; Eight Injured

A 90-minute Southwest Airlines flight went smoothly for 133 passengers, at least until the plane landed in Nashville Tuesday night, veering off the runway and injuring eight people.  [More]


McDonald’s Expanding (Limited) All-Day Breakfast Test To Mississippi & Tennessee, Adding Biscuit Sandwiches

Last month McDonald’s told franchisees that it would begin expanding its limited all-day breakfast menu outside of the San Diego area, but shared few details about the plans other than it would include Nashville. Now, the fast food giant has let the cat out of the bag, revealing that the experiment won’t just be making its way to one city, but three – and adding new sandwiches. [More]

Confirmed: Google Fiber Coming To Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham

Confirmed: Google Fiber Coming To Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham

UPDATE: As Google preps to make its official announcements about Google Fiber, the service’s website has been updated to include Atlanta, Nashville, and the North Carolina markets of Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham as “Upcoming” Fiber cities, with San Antonio, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Portland (OR), and San Jose now designated as “Potential” sites for Google Fiber in the future. [More]

Authorities in Nashville say a teen stole a tour bus and took it for a joyride picking up passengers along the way.

Teen Allegedly Steals Mini Tour Bus, Picks Up Passengers During Joyride

Earlier this week a disgruntled mining company employee allegedly stole and crashed his employer’s train. While that was obviously a very dangerous situation, the train was more or less confined to the actual railroad. Know what’s not contained to a single road? The Nashville tour bus allegedly commandeered and taken for a joyride by a 19-year-old. [More]

Employees at Marriott's Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center were using the hotel's WiFi monitoring system to block visitors' access to personal WiFi networks, while charging convention exhibitors up to $1,000 per device for access to the Marriott WiFi network.

Marriott Fined $600K Because It’s Illegal To Block WiFi Hotspots

When a major hotel chain makes money by charging a fee for in-room Internet service, it might be tempted to do something that makes it difficult for visitors to use their own WiFi hotspots so that they have little choice but to pay up for the hotel’s Web access. Thing is, that’s against the law. [More]

Man Receives Scammy-Looking Inheritance Letter, Ends Up With $800K In Bank Account

Man Receives Scammy-Looking Inheritance Letter, Ends Up With $800K In Bank Account

If you’re like us, you’ve been on the receiving end of more than a few e-mails falsely claiming that you’ve inherited millions from a relative you didn’t know you have. All you have to do is hand over your bank account info — and have it drained rather quickly. One young man in Nashville says his inheritance is the real deal, though experts are waiting for the other shoe to drop. [More]