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‘Pink Slime’ Defamation Trial Underway In South Dakota

Five years after Beef Products Inc. first filed a lawsuit against ABC News, blaming it for tying its name to the idea of “pink slime” — what the meat processor calls lean finely textured beef products — the defamation trial is underway in South Dakota. [More]


Congressional Committees Release Text Of Obamacare Repeal & Replacement Bills

The piece of legislation that has been the hottest ticket in D.C. — the GOP effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act — is beginning to take shape, with the release by the House Committee On Energy & Commerce and the House Ways & Means Committee of their proposals to undo the healthcare reform legislation. [More]


Best Buy Will Bring Back Free Shipping On All Online Purchases

When does the “holiday season” begin? Apparently, for Best Buy, it still begins in late October. The Minnesota-based electronics retailer is re-introducing free shipping for the holiday shopping season, from now through Dec. 24. We’re in the holiday shopping season? Does Best Buy sell Halloween costumes now? [More]

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AT&T Taking Nashville To Court To Try To Slow Down Google Fiber

They said they’d do it, and so, by gum, they’re doing it: Surprising basically nobody, AT&T has filed a lawsuit against the city of Nashville and its officials, seeking to block a recently-passed law that would make it possible for Google Fiber to come to town. [More]

Bank Of America Starting To Nudge Its Mortgage Write-Down Plan Along

Bank Of America Starting To Nudge Its Mortgage Write-Down Plan Along

Like the super-slow fat cat that it is, Bank of America is finally easing its rump into a mortgage principal writedown plan, as part of the $25 billion settlement between it, other large mortgage servicers and the government. It announced today that it will start to contact homeowners who may be eligible for the program beginning this week. [More]