Appeals Court: Insurance Doesn’t Have To Pay For 2008 Burrito Recall

Appeals Court: Insurance Doesn’t Have To Pay For 2008 Burrito Recall

You might remember the Foster Farms Salmonella outbreak last year, which made hundreds of people sick. The company’s insurer, Lloyd’s of London refused to pay for their losses from the outbreak and following recall because the company waited a very long time before officially recalling any meat. The federal government was able to shut down poultry plants, but not recall the meat, since it wasn’t “contaminated” by any substances that you don’t normally find in chicken. [More]

Organic Ground Beef Sold At Wegmans Stores Recalled Due To Plastic Fragments

Organic Ground Beef Sold At Wegmans Stores Recalled Due To Plastic Fragments

There are many things that are very delicious alongside ground beef when mashed into a hamburger patty or loafed into a meatloaf, but plastic shards are not one of those things. Customers of Northeastern grocery chain Wegmans have reported finding “small malleable plastic pieces” in their packages of organic ground beef. [More]

The USDA has recalled more than 48,000 pounds of beef and pork because it might contain pieces of metal.

More Than 48,000 Pounds Of Beef, Pork Recalled Because Pieces Of Metal Aren’t Edible

Finding a piece of metal in your frozen pork or beef might be enough for you to rethink your dinner plans. To ensure that doesn’t happen in your kitchen, a Los Angeles company is recalling more than 48,000 pounds of frozen meat that may be contaminated with metal. [More]

In search of a meat nap. (

Police: Man Broke Into Meat Business, Grabbed Some Sausages And Took A Nap

While falling prey to a meat nap attack is not an unheard of phenomenon, police in Austin say a 28-year-old man had the bad idea to break into a local business, steal a couple of sausages and then fall asleep amongst the meat. [More]


Walmart Bosses Want More Grocery Sales, Store Managers Complain About Understaffing

Walmart’s big bosses are unhappy with the mega-retailer’s grocery sales, but store-level bosses are in turn unhappy with the number of staff members they’re allotted to keep the shelves stocked and clean. What does this mean? A media war of words, where Walmart sent an “urgent” and “highly sensitive” memorandum to store managers last month, and one manager in turn leaked that memo to the New York Times to expose why the milk and vegetable sections at your local Walmart look so crappy. [More]

A veggie burger, but not one with plant blood. (ChrisGoldNY)

Would You Eat A Veggie Burger That Bleeds?

If your first reaction to the above headline is “Oh my god oh oh my god why is a burger made from vegetables bleeding,” you’re not alone. Rest easy, my meat eschewing friends, these vegetarian burgers are only juicing “blood” made from plants. [More]


Town Successfully Grills 100-Foot Of Unbroken Bratwurst In Preparation For 200-Foot Attempt

When I read that a bar in southwestern Illinois had successfully grilled 100 feet of bratwurst without breaking it, visions of meat danced in front of my eyes and I couldn’t believe it. A hundred whole feet! But then I read on and the wonders increased: The 100-foot attempt was just practice for a 200-foot bratwurst to be grilled up later to celebrate the town’s 200th anniversary. And yes, there will be a 200-foot bun. [More]

Arby’s Is Now Selling A “Meat Mountain” For $10

Arby’s Is Now Selling A “Meat Mountain” For $10

UPDATE: We’ve got photographic evidence of the Meat Mountain in the wild from one of our intrepid readers. Check it out here. [More]

Your Wrapped Meat Leaks Bacteria-Laden Juice Everywhere

Your Wrapped Meat Leaks Bacteria-Laden Juice Everywhere

The poultry that you buy at the grocery store is securely wrapped up specifically so consumers don’t spread traces of chicken juice on everything that they touch, right? Well… about that. For a new study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the government agency in charge of making sure that our meat doesn’t kill us, scientists followed shoppers around and checked surfaces that they touched for poultry proteins. Guess what they found? [More]

(me and the sysop)

Guy Accused Of Sticking Needles Into Grocery Store’s Packaged Meat “Just For The Hell Of It”

There are crusades, campaigns, and goals that some people are aiming for when they decided to cross the law. But then sometimes there’s no real reason to do others harm: Federal prosecutors say a 68-year-old Illinois man stuck sewing needles into packaged meat at the same grocery store near his home at least seven times “just for the hell of it.” [More]


New Law Would Give USDA Authority To Recall Contaminated Meat & Eggs

The current, vague laws regarding what constitutes “adulterated” meat, poultry or eggs have hamstrung the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, leaving the agency unsure whether it has the authority to recall food that contains drug-resistant pathogens. A new law introduced in the House today aims to clarify what constitutes “adulterated” meat, thus giving the USDA the legal standing it needs to issue much-needed recalls. [More]


“Meat Rushmore” Presides Over New York City In Honor Of National Jerky Day

If I were a betting gal, I’d say our fine, upstanding former presidents were big fans of meat jerky. It travels well in times of war or peace and can stand the test of time. So Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln are probably totally cool with their likenesses recreated in meat in honor of National Jerky Day. [More]

(Tracy O)

Pilgrim’s Pride Raises Its Bid To More Than $6.7B For Hillshire Brands After Tyson’s Offer

When Pilgrim’s Pride first started its pursuit of Hillshire Brands, the company behind Jimmy Dean breakfast sausages, a $6.4 billion offer seemed like a good place to start. But now that Tyson Foods is on the scene, flinging about a $6.8 billion bid of its own, Pilgrim’s Pride is feeling the heat of competition and has come back with a raised offer of more than $6.7 billion. [More]

New Arby’s Ad: Watch 13 Hours Of Brisket Cooking

New Arby’s Ad: Watch 13 Hours Of Brisket Cooking

Here at Consumerist headquarters, we enjoyed Netflix’s original programming for April Fool’s Day 2014: streaming films of bacon frying and rotisserie chickens roasting. They had a lovely, meditative quality, and made fine sleep aids. Would they make a good advertisement, though? That’s what Arby’s aims to find out with their mission to create the longest-ever TV advertisement. [More]


Who Are We To Argue With Chemists Advocating Meat Marinated In Beer?

Listen, when science tells you to do something, I’m not going to argue. And so if chemists says marinating meat in beer before you cook it to help kill potentially scary carcinogens, well, we’re listening. Because let’s face it, there’s a high possibility that you’ll have beer hanging around that summer barbecue (if summer ever shows its sunny face, sigh). [More]

Court Shoots Down Big Meat’s Challenge To USDA’s Country-Of-Origin Labeling Rules

Court Shoots Down Big Meat’s Challenge To USDA’s Country-Of-Origin Labeling Rules

Last year, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture enacted new rules requiring meat producers to provide more specific details on the country or countries of origin for their products. Saying the new mandate placed too onerous a burden on them, suppliers sued to block the rule change, but that challenge has been shut down by a federal appeals court. [More]


Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Won’t Make You Sick, Might Make Pork More Expensive

“Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea” sounds incredibly unpleasant. The disease first showed up in the United States last year, and thanks to the cold weather nationwide has showed up in 27 states. What is it, and should humans be worried? Not unless you own any hogs or you have a tight budget for meat for the next year or two. [More]

Was Massive Beef Recall Caused By Dairy Cows With Eye Cancer?

Was Massive Beef Recall Caused By Dairy Cows With Eye Cancer?

We know that millions of pounds of beef that came through a California slaughterhouse and meat processing plant have been recalled because the plant “processed diseased and unsound animals.” Well, okay, but what does that mean? We don’t know that for sure yet, but the Village Voice talked to one rancher whose entire 2013 output is part of that massive recall. [More]