Police: Man Broke Into Meat Business, Grabbed Some Sausages And Took A Nap

In search of a meat nap. (KXAN.com)

In search of a meat nap. (KXAN.com)

While falling prey to a meat nap attack is not an unheard of phenomenon, police in Austin say a 28-year-old man had the bad idea to break into a local business, steal a couple of sausages and then fall asleep amongst the meat.

The owner of the meat establishment showed up at work this weekend and found a 28-year-old man asleep in the office, after finally succeeding in a 20-minute attempt to kick down the door of the place, reports KXAN.com.

He apparently was just looking for somewhere to sleep after a night out drinking, police said.

“He comes over to the cooler and grabs a couple sausages. Goes back outside, then comes back inside,” explained the office manager of the surveillance footage. He also walked over to the 40-degree meat cooler before deciding that wasn’t a great nap option, before plopping down with a coat as a blanket and kicking his feet up at the desk for a nap.

“We were really just surprised by what actually happened,” said the general manager.

When he woke up, police say he admitted, “I don’t work here, sir,” and was arrested on charges of criminal trespassing.

Police add that they don’t think he was trying to steal anything — besides perhaps those few sausage snacks that he never managed to eat, adds an employee — and was probably just looking for some place warm to crash.

Police: Man falls asleep after breaking into Austin business [KXAN.com]

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