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Everyone Still Loves Chick-Fil-A; Chipotle, Not So Much

There’s good news out there for most of the big restaurant and fast-food chains: customers who like them, continue to like them, and overall find everything about their experiences to be entirely satisfactory. [More]


Lobster Rolls Returning For The Summer To Some East Coast McDonald’s Locations

It seems McDonald’s move to bring lobster rolls back to the menu last year was successful, as the chain says it’ll again offer the seafood menu item at select New England locations this summer. [More]


San Diego McDonald’s Reportedly Testing Sriracha Sauce

Just when you thought American’s love affair with that hot-sauce-of-the-moment Sriracha was beginning to wane, the largest fast food chain in the country has begun experimenting with the spicy red sauce: select McDonald’s restaurants in San Diego are reportedly offering a Sriracha-Big Mac Sauce hybrid.  [More]


We May Be Facing A Future Without M&M McFlurries

If you’re the kind of person who likes to add extra sugar to your dose of sugar, your sweet tooth may soon have to accept a new reality, one where an ice cream treat isn’t dotted with brightly colored candy: Mars, the company behind the M&Ms in your McFlurry, the Snickers in your Burger King dessert pie, may be considering ending those kinds of partnerships with fast food chains. [More]


McDonald’s Moving HQ From Chicago Suburbs To Downtown Neighborhood Filled With Millennials

After years of guiding the company from the its suburban seat outside Chicago, McDonald’s says it’s moving headquarters to a trendy neighborhood in the city’s downtown, in an apparent effort to attract younger talent to its ranks. [More]

Mike Mozart

Can A McDonald’s Be The Center Of A Community?

When thinking about a place that serves as the center of a community, you might think of a church, a community center, or even a park. You probably don’t think about a fast food restaurant. But for thousands of people in hundreds of cities around the country McDonald’s has become a gathering place of choice.  [More]

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Today’s Children Don’t Remember Happy Meals Without Apple Slices

It’s not often that we use the phrases “McDonald’s” and “healthy” in close proximity, but the fast-food giant has one thing that it can brag about: putting billions of bags of apple slices in the hands of children. Yes, billions: this week, McDonald’s marked the two billionth bag of the fruit given out with Happy Meals. [More]

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McDonald’s Customer Run Over By Her Own Car In Drive-Thru

Though the drive-thru at fast food restaurants serves a very simple, transactional purpose, sometimes what happens there is far from expected — and can even be dangerous. To that end, police in Pennsylvania say a McDonald’s customer ended up at the hospital after her own car ran over her in the restaurant’s drive-thru lane. [More]


McDonald’s Changing McPick Again; Lets Operators Pick Part Of Menu

McDonald’s replacement for its long-running dollar menu — McPick 2 — has seen several variations since it was announced last year. Those revamps will continue, as the Golden Arches plans to allow local restaurant operators to customize the menu to their region. [More]

Garlic Fries Return To McDonald’s Testing Locations In Bay Area

Our brief national — er, rather, very regional nightmare is now over: McDonald’s confirmed that Gilroy Garlic Fries have returned to four testing locations in the San Francisco Bay Area as of Tuesday, after selling out earlier this month. There’s still no word, however, if they’ll get a spot on menus nationwide. [via]

McDonald’s Stops Sending Fad Diet Teacher Into Schools To Speak About Eating Healthy

McDonald’s Stops Sending Fad Diet Teacher Into Schools To Speak About Eating Healthy

If you eat fewer calories than you expend, you’ll probably lose weight. If you use McDonald’s food to prove this piece of common-sense weight loss advice, you make headlines as if you’re some sort of miracle worker, and it also lands you a gig shilling for the fast food industry by going to schools to speak to kids — at least until McDonald’s realizes maybe it’s kind of embarrassing and quietly pulls the plug on your educational program. [More]


McDonald’s Testing Fresh Ground Beef For Its Hamburger Patties

In yet another attempt to align with consumers’ shifting food preferences, McDonald’s is testing hamburgers made from fresh ground beef instead of frozen patties. [More]

McDonald’s Sells Out Of Garlic Fries During Testing In California’s Bay Area

McDonald’s Sells Out Of Garlic Fries During Testing In California’s Bay Area

California’s Bay Area is probably emitting a heck of a lot of stinky garlic breath right now, after all the McDonald’s in the vicinity sold out of Gilroy Garlic Fries, a new test item added to the menu only last week. [More]

McPick Is Now “2 For $4.” Is The $4 Meal The New Dollar Menu?

McPick Is Now “2 For $4.” Is The $4 Meal The New Dollar Menu?

From “McPick 2 for $2” to “McPick 2 for $5,” McDonald’s quest to replace the Dollar Menu has already taken on two different variations. Now, it looks like the fast food giant is taking a page from someone else’s playbook by creating the “McPick 2 for $4,” this time focusing on breakfast items.  [More]

McDonald’s Testing Garlic Fries Made With Local Garlic In San Francisco

McDonald’s Testing Garlic Fries Made With Local Garlic In San Francisco

Another day, another product McDonald’s is throwing out there to see if it’ll stick: this time it’s garlic fries made with locally-sourced garlic. [More]


McDonald’s Brings Back Mighty Wings In Atlanta: Wait, What?

You might remember Mighty Wings. Back in 2013, McDonald’s tested the breaded and fried wings after months of testing, and they failed, leaving the chain with 10 million pounds of leftover wings in a freezer vault. The original $1 per wing price point just didn’t appeal to people, especially when they could get wings cheaper in sports bars and the chain still had a dollar menu. The wings are back, though, for a limited time in Atlanta. [More]

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McDonald’s Testing Preservative-Free Chicken McNuggets Recipe

In an effort to boosts its business in the U.S., McDonald’s is considering making some big changes to one of its go-to products: the chain says it’s testing a new Chicken McNuggets recipe that’s devoid of artificial preservatives. [More]

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McDonald’s: “All-You-Can-Eat Fries” Is Limited To One Location, Not A Company Test

As you may have heard earlier this week, one McDonald’s location in Missouri will be offering all-you-can-eat fries when it opens in July. That news got twisted in some media reports that gushed about the fries being a company test, leading to confusion among customers. That misconception has prompted the powers that be at McDonald’s corporate to clear things up: there’s no test, so don’t get your hopes up. [More]