Dunkin’ Donuts Says Fast Food Rivals Are Hurting Afternoon Sales

Image courtesy of m01229

Sure, Dunkin’ Donuts was “obviously” paying attention to McDonald’s all-day breakfast roll out, but it’s not the morning meal that’s causing trouble for the coffee chain: Dunkin’ says it’s losing customers to McDonald’s, Burger King, and other fast food rivals when it comes to customers’ afternoon caffeine fix. 

CNBC reports that McDonald’s McCafe promotions and a plethora of other options from fast food restaurants has made it difficult for Dunkin’ to bring in customers in the middle of the day.

It was an issue CEO Nigel Travis addressed Wednesday during the Jefferies Consumer Conference, noting that the chain’s afternoon sales have slipped recently.

“It’s becoming a little bit more crowded, a bit more aggressive, but I think that’s what Dunkin’ enjoys,” Travis said, as reported by CNBC. “We enjoy fighting hard around the country.”

One thing the company is fighting back with comes in the form of specialty drinks and cold brew coffee, something not readily available at fast food competitors.

Additionally, the company plans to continue offering special promotions, such as its $1.999 Frozen Coffee deal, throughout the year.

Despite the troubles, CNBC reports that Dunkin’ isn’t exactly struggling financially, as the company’s sales have been propped up by increased franchise fees and royalty income.

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