The McRib Returns This Week In 75% Of U.S. McDonald’s

Get excited, guy. (DrPizza)

Get excited, guy. (DrPizza)

Now that McDonald’s has reassured everyone that the McRib does, in fact, contain real meat, it’s time for the annual sandwich to return to the menu. Well, in most of the country.

The McRib will be here by Saturday, Bloomberg News reports, at three-quarters of McDonald’s U.S. locations.

“The McRib is making its annual return this week,” a spokeswoman said today. “It’s a regional option, so our franchisees choose whether or not they wish to serve it.”

Tis the season to go for a sales boost, after all — fall has become the limited time window for the chain to put the McRib on the menu, in the hopes that the buzz will bring in the money.

“They are looking to get a little bit more of a sales lift,” a New York-based analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. told Bloomberg. “Of all the products and all the limited-time offers, this is one that’s clearly a cult classic.”

McDonald’s Bringing Back McRib in 75% of U.S. Restaurants [Bloomberg]

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