McDonald’s Wants You To Watch How A McRib Gets Made So You’ll Eat At McDonald’s

As part of McDonald’s battle to appeal to customers by answering their questions about what’s in the chain’s food and addressing other rumors, there’s one image burned into many a McRib lovers’ minds that prompts the question, “What is this thing I’m stuffing down my throat made out of?” But again, if customers have to ask or express doubts about the food, McDonald’s is already losing the battle.

That photo from last year that went round and round on social media showing a frozen McRib patty before it’s cooked prompted reactions from, “Shrug, doesn’t everyone freeze their meat these days?” to “OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF?”

In an effort to calm any McRib qualms customers might have, McDonald’s has posted a video featuring one of those McRib critics who shared the photo on Twitter last year, and the guy formerly of Mythbusters hired by the company ostensibly to put customers at ease with his nicely-tailored pants and blandly reassuring demeanor.

The video (via Eater) takes viewers from the cuts of pork used in the patties, through the forming process and yes, subsequent flash freezing, and all the way up to the point where the pork supplier tests the product by preparing the McRib just as it’d be done in the restaurant.

Is this a blatant PR move designed to lure customers back who might’ve turned their noses up at the McRib last holiday season? Definitely. But is it still interesting to see how the sausage gets made, proverbially speaking? Yeah, sure. Meanwhile, the return date for the McRib this year has yet to be set, so if you’re a fan, this might just make you torturously hungry.

No surprises here:

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