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Plane Turns Around After Broken Toilets Threaten To Turn Dreamliner Into The Next Poop Vessel

If we learned anything from the great Poop Cruise debacle endured by passengers on the Carnival Triumph, it’s that working toilets are essential on any vessel carrying passengers for any length of time. Because no one is happy when you can’t flush after you go. A Japan Airline’s flight from Moscow to Tokyo had to turn around two hours into the trip after the 787 Dreamliner plane’s toilets broke, threatening to turn the whole thing into a Poop Flight. [More]

United Arab Emirates' Etihad Airways has been training hundreds of attendants to be "Flying Nannies."

Airlines Adding ‘Flying Nannies’ And Lactation Stations

Rather than banishing kids to a create a child-free zone on its planes or removing an entire family from the aircraft because of an upset youngster, one airline has decided to train its cabin crew as “onboard nannies,” while another carrier is carving out a small section for traveling moms who need a few moments of privacy. [More]


Two Japanese Airlines Ground Fleets Of Boeing 787 Dreamliners After Emergency Landing

The bad news parade for Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner just keeps marching on, as two Japanese airliners have grounded their fleets after an All Nippon Airways flight had to make an emergency landing today. This is just the latest in a string of incidents that have been plaguing the Dreamliner in recent weeks, prompting an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration. [More]


FAA Opens Probe Into The Beleaguered Dreamliner & Its Recent Spate Of Problems

For all the years we heard whispers and excited buzzing about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner before its debut, it seemed sort of like a mythical flying beast. And since its inaugural U.S. commercial flight in November it’s definitely becoming legendary — but for all the wrong reasons. The Federal Aviation Administration has launched a probe into the beleaguered plane after a recent spate of problems. [More]

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Flying Fried: Japan Airlines To Start Serving KFC On Certain U.S., European Flights

Full disclosure: We’ve never tried the in-flight fare aboard a Japan Airlines flight, but if it’s anything like the numerous other meals we’ve ingested in midair, it probably clocks in at somewhere around sub-par. So the fact that the airlines will start serving KFC to passengers on certain flights starting next week makes us unsure if travelers will be getting an upgrade or just staying somewhere in the “meh” food category. [More]