Flying Fried: Japan Airlines To Start Serving KFC On Certain U.S., European Flights

Full disclosure: We’ve never tried the in-flight fare aboard a Japan Airlines flight, but if it’s anything like the numerous other meals we’ve ingested in midair, it probably clocks in at somewhere around sub-par. So the fact that the airlines will start serving KFC to passengers on certain flights starting next week makes us unsure if travelers will be getting an upgrade or just staying somewhere in the “meh” food category.

What about healthy sushi, isn’t that something more along the lines of the Japanese culture? Who cares! Fried chicken for everybody, says the airline.

The chain actually has a huge following in the country, especially around Christmas. Back in the days of yore, U.S. expats couldn’t get their hands on turkey and so fried chicken was the next best American thing, explains The Daily Mail.

KFC will be flying high with the Air Kentucky meal on board flights to New York, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt and Paris between Dec. 1 and Feb. 28, 2013. That will include a KFC chicken breast, a chicken drumstick, bread, coleslaw and lettuce.

Judging from the photo of the meal — which comes in a Colonel Sanders branded box, of course! — the fare looks as underwhelming as one would expect the offspring of a airline/KFC hookup would be: Wan, limp, lifeless, etc. As usual, if you encounter this stuff in person, send us your reviews via

We’ll really start to worry if say, Lufthansa goes for a Taco Bell South of the Border meal.

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