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Plane Turns Around After Broken Toilets Threaten To Turn Dreamliner Into The Next Poop Vessel

If we learned anything from the great Poop Cruise debacle endured by passengers on the Carnival Triumph, it’s that working toilets are essential on any vessel carrying passengers for any length of time. Because no one is happy when you can’t flush after you go. A Japan Airline’s flight from Moscow to Tokyo had to turn around two hours into the trip after the 787 Dreamliner plane’s toilets broke, threatening to turn the whole thing into a Poop Flight. [More]


Transportation Secretary: Dreamliners Won’t Fly Again Until They’re Deemed “1,000% Safe”

Just one week after he said he would be comfortable taking a spin in a Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has changed his tune. After numerous reports of problems with the jets’s batteries, LaHood now says none of them will take to the skies again until officials are “1,000% sure” they’re safe to fly. [More]

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FAA Orders U.S. Airlines To Ground All 787 Boeing Dreamliners

Another day, another bit of bad news for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the airlines that fly the aircraft: The Federal Aviation Administration’s regulators have ordered U.S. airlines to temporarily ground any Dreamliner planes they fly, pending a further investigation into recent safety issues that have cropped up. [More]


Timing Is Everything: Polish Airline Debuting New Dreamliner Service In U.S. Today

Oh boy. A Polish airline has picked a doozy of a day to introduce its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner service in the U.S. Just this morning two Japanese airlines announced they’re grounding their fleets of Dreamliners after a spate of recent issues, one of which prompted an emergency landing, and the Federal Aviation Administration has joined the fun with an investigation of its own. Which makes LOT airlines’ debut date of today well, interesting timing. [More]


Two Japanese Airlines Ground Fleets Of Boeing 787 Dreamliners After Emergency Landing

The bad news parade for Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner just keeps marching on, as two Japanese airliners have grounded their fleets after an All Nippon Airways flight had to make an emergency landing today. This is just the latest in a string of incidents that have been plaguing the Dreamliner in recent weeks, prompting an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration. [More]


FAA Opens Probe Into The Beleaguered Dreamliner & Its Recent Spate Of Problems

For all the years we heard whispers and excited buzzing about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner before its debut, it seemed sort of like a mythical flying beast. And since its inaugural U.S. commercial flight in November it’s definitely becoming legendary — but for all the wrong reasons. The Federal Aviation Administration has launched a probe into the beleaguered plane after a recent spate of problems. [More]

New Boeing Plane Promises To Eliminate Ear Popping

New Boeing Plane Promises To Eliminate Ear Popping

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is designed to do away with some of the downsides of long-distance air travel, including ear popping, stuffy noses and dry skin suffered by passengers. The plane’s cabin supports higher levels of pressure, easing the jolts of takeoffs and landings. The overhead bins are said to be the largest on any plane, and the Dreamliner includes wider windows and quieter engines. [More]

New Boeing 787 More Likely Than Other Planes To Be Unsafe… After Crashing?

New Boeing 787 More Likely Than Other Planes To Be Unsafe… After Crashing?

UPDATE: Cirrus Designs, UCLA, and Airbus refute these claims.