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Family Claims United Airlines Left 12-Year-Old Girl Alone After Flight To Houston

Each year, parents fork over hundreds of dollars to airlines’ unaccompanied minors programs to ensure their children traveling alone by plane make it to their destination safely. While most of these trips go swimmingly, a few don’t. Case in point: an Iowa couple says their 12-year-old daughter was left alone at a Houston airport despite paying extra to ensure she was accompanied at all times. [More]


Hundreds Of O’Hare Airport Workers Vote To Strike Just In Time For Thanksgiving

Planning on flying into, out of, or through Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport for the Thanksgiving holiday? You should be prepared for some disruptions in travel, after hundreds of airport workers voted to go on strike over wages. [More]

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Airlines Expecting More Travelers To Fly This Thanksgiving

Planning on flying to visit friends or family this Thanksgiving? You’ll have plenty of company, airlines say, but there will be enough seats for everyone. [More]


Southwest Airlines Offering Free Gift-Wrapping Today To Passengers At 7 Airports

When traveling by airplane for the holidays and lugging gifts through security, there’s always the chance that the Transportation Security Administration checker will feel the need to unwrap your beautiful present. To make sure that’s not an issue for you, or if you simply ran out of time to perfect your presentation, Southwest Airlines and the Container Store are teaming up to offer passengers free gift wrapping, at select airports.  [More]

These pups aren't part of United Paws, but they'd still relieve holiday stress. (Hammerin Man)

United Airlines Bringing 200 Comfort Dogs To Seven Airports For A Bit Of Holiday Travel Stress-Relief

With holiday travel predicted to reach record levels this week, it’s probably a safe bet that someone at some overcrowded airport across the country will get a bit stressed out. In a bid to make sure holiday travel is a bit less grueling for passengers, United Airlines is sending in the dogs, literally.  [More]

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Holiday Travel Predicted To Hit Record High With 100 Million People Planning A Trip This Season

Santa Claus isn’t the only one polishing up his ride for the season: more than 100 million travelers are expected to take a trip for the holidays this year, which is a record number for the travel-heavy season. And, of course, it means sharing the roads and skies with more people than usual, which is always fun. [More]

Airlines 4 America estimates the 10 busiest airports in the U.S. during the Thanksgiving holiday.

More Than 25M Travelers Expected To Hit The Skies This Thanksgiving

If you’re planning to fly the friendly skies in order to visit family and friends this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, you’ll have plenty of company in the form of nearly 25.3 million other travelers.  [More]

Airports in the Northeast could look like this tomorrow if winter storm predictions come to fruition.

Some Airlines Prepare For Thanksgiving Snow Storm, Waive Flight Change Fees

With the first major travel day of the 2014 holiday season upon us and weather forecasters predicting significant snow across the Midwest and Northeast, some airlines are taking a proactive approach by waiving change fees for Thanksgiving travelers. [More]

July 4th Travel Traffic Expected To Return To Pre-Recession Levels

July 4th Travel Traffic Expected To Return To Pre-Recession Levels

Planning on loading the car up and hitting the road or hopping on a plane to a sandy beach this Fourth of July next weekend? Hope you don’t mind being accompanied by a few million of your closest friends. [More]

KDFW in Texas is experiencing major weather-related delays and cancellations.

Hundreds Of Flights Canceled As Bad Weather Wreaks Havoc On Holiday Travel

Given the sheer number of flights that have been canceled today — and stand to be canceled and delayed in the coming hours — it’s possible you’re reading this from the discomfort of an airport or in the house of that family member you’d hoped to be saying goodbye to for another year. [More]


TSA Will Let You Fly With Your Precious Snow Globes This Holiday Season

Until the Transportation Security Administration started cracking down on liquids in carry-on luggage, we never knew how desperately attached travelers are to their prohibited snow globes. It seemed a bit of a cruel ban — who doesn’t love staring at fake snow gently falling on some idyllic scene? But this year, be prepared to celebrate snow globe freedom with the TSA’s updated holiday travel rules. [More]

Yes, It Is Possible To Score A Deal On Last-Minute Holiday Travel

Yes, It Is Possible To Score A Deal On Last-Minute Holiday Travel

So you haven’t booked your flights for Christmas or New Year’s, and maybe you’re freaking out a little bit over traditionally high prices over the holidays. Don’t fret, there are still a few ways to nab some travel deals even at this late date. [More]

Score Better Seats For Holiday Travel

Score Better Seats For Holiday Travel

Oftentimes, just booking a flight during the holidays is enough to give you the blues. So why not try to make your trip as comfortable as possible by making sure you get a decent seat? [More]

More Airlines Add $10 Travel Surcharge To More Holidays

More Airlines Add $10 Travel Surcharge To More Holidays

Since consumers didn’t whine too much about the addition of $10 “just because” fees airlines imposed on busy travel days, they’ve added fees on more days. Goody for us!

United Airlines Ruins Your Christmas As Only A Crappy Airline Can

United Airlines Ruins Your Christmas As Only A Crappy Airline Can

Reader Thomas’s scheduled travel on United Air on Christmas Eve went pretty much how you’d expect: his flight left four hours early, and his rebooked flight at 4 a.m. was overbooked. The horror, inside.