Where’s my kid?

(Adam Fagen)

Another Family Says United Stranded Their Unaccompanied Minor At Airport

Just a week United Airlines was accused of dropping the ball in escorting an unaccompanied minor on a flight, a Virginia family says the airline was at it again, stranding their 13-year-old son in New York, despite paying an extra $300 to ensure he was accompanied at all times.  [More]

(Adam Fagen)

Family Claims United Airlines Left 12-Year-Old Girl Alone After Flight To Houston

Each year, parents fork over hundreds of dollars to airlines’ unaccompanied minors programs to ensure their children traveling alone by plane make it to their destination safely. While most of these trips go swimmingly, a few don’t. Case in point: an Iowa couple says their 12-year-old daughter was left alone at a Houston airport despite paying extra to ensure she was accompanied at all times. [More]