TSA Will Let You Fly With Your Precious Snow Globes This Holiday Season

Until the Transportation Security Administration started cracking down on liquids in carry-on luggage, we never knew how desperately attached travelers are to their prohibited snow globes. It seemed a bit of a cruel ban — who doesn’t love staring at fake snow gently falling on some idyllic scene? But this year, be prepared to celebrate snow globe freedom with the TSA’s updated holiday travel rules.

In the update to the TSA’s list of prohibited items, snow globes have earned a big green OK in the carry-on column, with a bit of a caveat — they’ve gotta be small and you might have to give up your conditioner to fit it in that plastic bag:

Snow globes that appear to contain less than 3.4 ounces (approximately tennis ball size) will be permitted if the entire snow globe, including the base, is able to fit in the same one clear, plastic, quart-sized, re-sealable bag, as the passenger’s other liquids, such as shampoo, toothpaste and cosmetics.

Another category newly sprung from the TSA’s restrictions? Cakes and pies! This is huge news because as we know, the TSA could consider that homemade Thanksgiving themed turkey cupcake as a threat if it has too much icing or is inside a jar. The agency does tell travelers it’s not a great idea to bring desserts, but if you’re willing to undergo more scrutiny, you can do it.

Food items such as pies and cakes are permitted, but may require further inspection. If travelers are not sure if a food item is considered a liquid or gel it is best to pack the item in checked baggage or ship it to a destination in advance.

If you’re planning on toting wrapped presents you may do so, but the TSA says it still might have to unwrap anything its agents need to inspect further. Unless you enjoy wrapping gifts twice, skip the wrap job until you get where you’re going.

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