Yes, It Is Possible To Score A Deal On Last-Minute Holiday Travel

So you haven’t booked your flights for Christmas or New Year’s, and maybe you’re freaking out a little bit over traditionally high prices over the holidays. Don’t fret, there are still a few ways to nab some travel deals even at this late date.

The first thing to do, says CNNMoney, is to stop procrastinating and book your flight as soon as possibly because prices are only going to climb from here on out. The cost of fling domestic between Dec. 16 and Jan 1. is already up 5% this year.

To find a deal, just be prepared to be flexible on the days you’re willing to travel and a little bit resourceful to get where you’re going. There is less of a chance of last-minute deals, and if they do pop up, the places they’ll fly will be limited.

Shorter flights could hold the answer to cheaper prices, say experts. Booking a few shorter hops may take you more time to get where you’re going, but it’ll hurt your wallet less.

If you’re okay with flying on holidays, that will help too. The day before Christmas is always a costly day to fly, so check out fares for a few days in advance, or even on Dec. 25 itself. And Airports located farther out from cities will also usually offer cheaper tickets, a good way to go if you know someone who can pick you up.

While you can use all these ideas to save, keep in mind the weather in the areas you’re traveling into and out of — a blizzard will put quite a damper on a multi-leg trip. Take it from us — you do not want to be stuck on a 24-hour bus trip.

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