Wrigley Sues Vape Company Over “Joosy Fruit,” “Dbl Mint” E-Cigarette Flavors

Wrigley Sues Vape Company Over “Joosy Fruit,” “Dbl Mint” E-Cigarette Flavors

E-cigarette manufacturers have long produced liquid nicotine in a variety of flavors, like strawberry or cotton candy, as a way to entice users with something that doesn’t simply taste like nicotine or smoke. But Chicago vape company’s attempt to appeal to customers’ palettes has garnered the ire of candy maker Wrigley, which accused the e-liquid maker of infringing on its Juicy Fruit and Doublemint brands.  [More]


Sprite Cherry Now Exists Because Of The Coke Freestyle Machine

Here at Consumerist, we’ve been slightly obsessed for most of the last decade with the Coke Freestyle machine, a contraption that lets customers add a startling variety of flavors to their soft drinks. (Pepsi has a competing super-fountain, the Spire.) What we didn’t know is that Coca-Cola has been using the devices to collect data on what beverages we want, and then giving them to us. [More]

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General Mills To Inflict Pumpkin Spice Cheerios On The World

You probably thought that just because fall is months away, that means you won’t have to read about any new pumpkin spice flavored products going on the market. Don’t be silly: today, General Mills announced that pumpkin spice Cheerios are a real thing that will be happening. None of us are safe. [More]

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Café Mocha Is Apparently Now The Flavor Of Winter And Christmas, Thanks To M&Ms

If pumpkin spice, pumpkin spice latte, and caramel apple are the flavors of fall, red velvet is the flavor of Valentine’s Day, and key lime pie and s’mores are the flavor of summer, what is the flavor of winter? Is there one? M&Ms have traditionally sold bags of cherry or mint flavored candies near Christmas, but now they’ve moved on to hot beverages. The flavor for Christmas is… café mocha. [More]

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Science Says: What A Food Sounds Like Makes A Difference In How We Experience Eating It

Though we might not think about hearing our food when we eat it the way we do when it comes to taste, smell and even sight, if you bit into a potato chip and it didn’t make a sound in your head, it’d be weird, right? A new study that looks into how the sounds our food makes when we eat it factors into the overall experience. [More]