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Apple Promises To Fix Weird Crackling Noise On iPhone 8 And 8 Plus

A new smartphone fresh out of the box shouldn’t make crackling noises during your phone calls, but that’s what users of the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus report, and they’re customers of different mobile carriers. Apple has acknowledged the problem, and promises that a fix for it is on the way. [More]


Students Claim 11,327-Pound Rice Krispies Treat Holds New World Record

There are some endeavors so inherently delicious, it’s a wonder more people don’t undertake them. But alas, not everyone has the means to craft a ginormous 5.5-ton Rice Krispies treat and steal the world record for doing so. [More]

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Science Says: What A Food Sounds Like Makes A Difference In How We Experience Eating It

Though we might not think about hearing our food when we eat it the way we do when it comes to taste, smell and even sight, if you bit into a potato chip and it didn’t make a sound in your head, it’d be weird, right? A new study that looks into how the sounds our food makes when we eat it factors into the overall experience. [More]


American Airlines Flight Makes An Emergency Landing After Cabin Wall Panels Pop Loose

No one wants to hear a sound on an airplane that they’ve never heard before, on the chance that it’s actually something bad. Those fears were likely present yesterday on an American Airlines flying to Dallas from San Francisco when an odd popping noise was followed by panels in the cabin falling off the walls, prompting an emergency landing. [More]

Crackle Streams Free Movies To Sony Devices, Roku

Crackle Streams Free Movies To Sony Devices, Roku

If you own a PS3 or Roku and were itching to rent Ghostbusters or A Few Good Men, hold off on adding them to the Netflix queue. Crackle, Sony’s video streaming service, will pump the movies — which aren’t available on Netflix streaming — to your TV for free. [More]