Naked Man Rescued From Washing Machine Is A Helpful Reminder That Appliances Are Not Toys

Image courtesy of YouTube

Did people in Australia not watch Punky Brewster growing up? Because surely if one Aussie man had seen the episode where Cherie gets stuck in a refrigrator during hide-and-seek (spoiler alert: SHE ALMOST DIES!) he never would’ve climbed naked into a washing machine and expect any kind of positive result.

Again, appliances are not toys. If refrigerators or washing machines were meant to be used as nesting places for humans, they’d be called HideInMes or CrawlInHereAndEscapeEasilys. But they’re not, which is why it was not a good move for a naked man to hide in a top-loading washing machine to surprise his partner.

The BBC says emergency rescuers had to use olive oil as a lubricant to eventually free the man after 20 minutes of effort. So not only is it embarrassing enough to be naked in a washing machine and unable to free yourself, but firefighters, paramedics and search-and-rescue squad members were all there to witness it.

A police rep says “it was just a game gone wrong” and that “It would be fair to say the gentleman was very embarrassed.”

Another officer issued the kind of advice we’re fond of dispensing to our readers, just in case you get it into your head that appliances are some kind of adult playground equipment.

“My advice would be for people not to climb into appliances – obviously that [can] cause a number of issues, as we’ve seen on the weekend,” he explained.

Or at least bring your own olive oil. Kidding! Don’t do it at all, obviously. Cherie would agree.

Australia police free naked man stuck in washing machine [BBC News]

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