What Are Shoppers Buying Since They Aren’t Buying Clothes?

It’s bleak out there for a clothing retailer, with sales slumping at many chains, leading some — American Apparel, Aeropostale, Pacsun, among others — to declare bankruptcy. So if we aren’t shopping for items to clad our bodies, what are we shopping for?



Stores Are Crammed With Unsold Merchandise, Especially Clothes

Here’s some great news for bargain-hunters, if not necessarily for retailers: dismal sales numbers from national retailers have experts worried about the future of American malls. Low sales numbers mean stores crammed with inventory that will have to be put on sale. That could boost total sales numbers, but hurt profits. [More]

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Gap CEO Says He’s Open To Possibly Using Amazon To Reach More Customers

Although Amazon may be the big bad wolf at the door coming to blow the house down and eat up their business, some retailers are considering teaming up with the tech giant instead of fearing it. Like Gap, whose CEO said the company would consider working with Amazon if it means reaching shoppers. [More]

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While we don’t often deal in absolutes, there are some things we are 100% certain about. The cover of a 1920s trade catalog with the title “This is Underwear Time” — complete with the illustration of a a man getting dressed while his dog looks on — is one of those times where we can unequivocally proclaim to have found a truly (possibly unintentionally) brilliant piece of marketing. [More]

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American Apparel Laying Off Hundreds Of Workers, May Outsource Some Manufacturing

As part of its continuing efforts to streamline costs and transform into a newer, leaner company after emerging from bankruptcy, a new report says American Apparel has slashed hundreds of jobs in its Southern California home recently, and may make some clothing outside of Los Angeles as part of an overall redesign of the production process. [More]

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Recall Roundup, Flammability Edition: Ivanka Trump-Brand Scarves, Givenchy Silk Shirts

Things are heating up over at the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently, with a slew of products that are being recalled for being literally hot fashions, due to the unfortunate possibility that they may burst into flames. [More]

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Clothing And Accessories Now The Biggest Category In E-Commerce

What do Americans buy the most of online? Thanks to improved return policies and ever-expanding selection, purchases of clothing and accessories took the top spot in 2015 for the first time. That’s according to research by analytics company ComScore, which tracks online sales by categories, and noticed this important change. [More]


PacSun Reportedly Preparing To File For Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy rumor mill has been turning yet again, with a new report in the wind that says Pacific Sunwear — commonly known as PacSun — is preparing a Chapter 11 filing. [More]


Walmart Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Maryland And Massachusetts

It looks like someone at Walmart is due for a geography lesson, or could at least use a refresher on how to pull up a map of the United States on the internet, after a sharp-eyed Twitter denizen pointed out that the chain is selling University of Maryland T-shirts bearing an image of the state of Massachusetts. [More]

Sorry, Gilt Is All Sold Out Of These Marijuana-Print Dresses For Kids

Sorry, Gilt Is All Sold Out Of These Marijuana-Print Dresses For Kids

Marijuana-themed clothing is nothing new. All over the world, folks sport hats, shirts, leggings, and other apparel showing their affection for the plant. It’s less usual to see pre-teens and toddlers wearing weed-themed clothing, but Gilt shoppers seemed hungry to snap up this leafy dress for kids as young as two.  [More]

Forever 21 Customers Saying “No” To Men’s “Don’t Say Maybe If You Want To Say No” Shirt

Forever 21 Customers Saying “No” To Men’s “Don’t Say Maybe If You Want To Say No” Shirt

UPDATE: About an hour and 15 minutes after our initial post, a public relations representative for Forever 21 told Consumerist that the chain has pulled the shirt in question. [More]

Amazon Now Selling Clothing Under Its Own In-House Brands

Amazon Now Selling Clothing Under Its Own In-House Brands

In yet another effort to completely and totally dominate the shopping world, Amazon has apparently started a few private label clothing brands and has been quietly shilling apparel and accessories under those trademarked names with nary a press release to let anyone know. [More]

Site vs. reality, reflected in actual orders placed by CBS DFW reporter Cristin Severance  (photo: CBS DFW)

Don’t Be Shocked When Cheap Clothes Advertised On Facebook Aren’t What You Ordered

If you see an ad on Facebook pitching clothing for significantly less than what you’d pay in the store, you might be tempted to give it a shot. But be prepared to end up with a shirt, jacket, dress, or shoes that resemble the online photo as much as I resemble a young Carey Grant. [More]

Is this real life?

Levi’s Turns A Schoolyard Threat Into A Style With “Wedgie Fit” Jeans

Has anyone seen Ashton Kutcher lurking around? Because we’re pretty sure we’re getting Punk’d by Levi’s and a new style of jeans it’s pushing for the spring, the “Wedgie” fit. [More]

Rent The Runway’s ‘Exclusive’ Dresses Turn Up Much Cheaper In Retail Stores

Rent The Runway’s ‘Exclusive’ Dresses Turn Up Much Cheaper In Retail Stores

Rent the Runway, a company that lets customers rent pricey outfits for special events, now rents out their own brands alongside designer clothes and accessories. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong with promoting those brands as if they’re from noted designers, assigning them made-up retail values. Even worse: some of those “exclusive” items can be found on department store websites, where you can buy them for less than it would cost to rent them. [More]

No more three-for-one deals, but BOGO is alive and well on Jos. A. Bank's homepage.

Men’s Wearhouse CEO Says He Knows How To Fix Jos. A. Bank

Men’s Wearhouse is about a year and a half into its ownership of Jos. A. Bank, and it’s safe to say things aren’t going so well: after layoffs in March 2015, and ending three-for-one suit deals, sales are down, way down. But Men’s Wearhouse says it’s got a plan to turn things around, and isn’t giving up on the suit-slingers at Jos. A. Bank just yet. [More]

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Good Weather Means Bad Sales For Clothing Retailers, Great Sales For Consumers

In climates with four distinct seasons, most people appreciate when winter shows up a little late. Who doesn’t? Plow services getting paid by the job, regional ski resorts, and clothing retailers that sell winter coats. Retailers are stuck with a lot of cold-weather clothing right now that nobody is interested in because the weather isn’t cold. [More]

Apparently Under Armour’s ‘Star Wars’ Clothing For “All Genders” Only Includes Men And Boys

Apparently Under Armour’s ‘Star Wars’ Clothing For “All Genders” Only Includes Men And Boys

You don’t have to look very far to find a female who loves Star Wars (here’s where I raise my hand) but over at Under Armour, it seems the company thinks only members of the male population are into buying merchandise tied to the franchise. Its “Imperial Collection” of branded T-shirts and clothing lists two categories under “All Genders” — Men and Boys.