Amazon Now Selling Clothing Under Its Own In-House Brands

Amazon Now Selling Clothing Under Its Own In-House Brands

In yet another effort to completely and totally dominate the shopping world, Amazon has apparently started a few private label clothing brands and has been quietly shilling apparel and accessories under those trademarked names with nary a press release to let anyone know. [More]

Site vs. reality, reflected in actual orders placed by CBS DFW reporter Cristin Severance  (photo: CBS DFW)

Don’t Be Shocked When Cheap Clothes Advertised On Facebook Aren’t What You Ordered

If you see an ad on Facebook pitching clothing for significantly less than what you’d pay in the store, you might be tempted to give it a shot. But be prepared to end up with a shirt, jacket, dress, or shoes that resemble the online photo as much as I resemble a young Carey Grant. [More]

Is this real life?

Levi’s Turns A Schoolyard Threat Into A Style With “Wedgie Fit” Jeans

Has anyone seen Ashton Kutcher lurking around? Because we’re pretty sure we’re getting Punk’d by Levi’s and a new style of jeans it’s pushing for the spring, the “Wedgie” fit. [More]

Rent The Runway’s ‘Exclusive’ Dresses Turn Up Much Cheaper In Retail Stores

Rent The Runway’s ‘Exclusive’ Dresses Turn Up Much Cheaper In Retail Stores

Rent the Runway, a company that lets customers rent pricey outfits for special events, now rents out their own brands alongside designer clothes and accessories. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong with promoting those brands as if they’re from noted designers, assigning them made-up retail values. Even worse: some of those “exclusive” items can be found on department store websites, where you can buy them for less than it would cost to rent them. [More]

No more three-for-one deals, but BOGO is alive and well on Jos. A. Bank's homepage.

Men’s Wearhouse CEO Says He Knows How To Fix Jos. A. Bank

Men’s Wearhouse is about a year and a half into its ownership of Jos. A. Bank, and it’s safe to say things aren’t going so well: after layoffs in March 2015, and ending three-for-one suit deals, sales are down, way down. But Men’s Wearhouse says it’s got a plan to turn things around, and isn’t giving up on the suit-slingers at Jos. A. Bank just yet. [More]

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Good Weather Means Bad Sales For Clothing Retailers, Great Sales For Consumers

In climates with four distinct seasons, most people appreciate when winter shows up a little late. Who doesn’t? Plow services getting paid by the job, regional ski resorts, and clothing retailers that sell winter coats. Retailers are stuck with a lot of cold-weather clothing right now that nobody is interested in because the weather isn’t cold. [More]

Apparently Under Armour’s ‘Star Wars’ Clothing For “All Genders” Only Includes Men And Boys

Apparently Under Armour’s ‘Star Wars’ Clothing For “All Genders” Only Includes Men And Boys

You don’t have to look very far to find a female who loves Star Wars (here’s where I raise my hand) but over at Under Armour, it seems the company thinks only members of the male population are into buying merchandise tied to the franchise. Its “Imperial Collection” of branded T-shirts and clothing lists two categories under “All Genders” — Men and Boys.


Amazon May Launch Its Own Clothing Brand To Offer More Options For Customers

Amazon May Launch Its Own Clothing Brand To Offer More Options For Customers

Back in May, Amazon announced it was toying with the idea of creating its own house brand for everyday items like cereal and diapers. Not content to just stay in your cabinets, the e-commerce giant is apparently on the verge of infiltrating our closets with its own private-label fashion line.  [More]

Target and ThredUP recently ended their pilot that exchanged consumers older clothing for gift cards.

Target, ThredUP End Partnership That Let Customers Exchange Old Clothes For Gift Cards

If you were hoping to exchange your lightly used clothing for Target gift cards though the retailer’s partnership with online consignment store ThredUP, then you’re out of luck: turns out, the test ended weeks ago.  [More]

Target partnered with online consignment store ThredUP to offer customers gift card for their old outfits.

Target Partners With ThredUP To Let You Trade In Old Clothes For Gift Cards

Target knows you’ve probably got a bunch of old clothes you don’t wear but which are otherwise fine. It also wants you to spend money at Target buying new clothes (and groceries, and anything else). So now it’s willing to trade you some gift cards for your dust-gathering outfits. [More]

A girl and her best pal, the affectionate leotard.

Need A Hug? Lululemon Has A Clothing Line For That

It isn’t the warm comfort of your best friend’s arms, or the soothing snuggle of a parent, but if you need to feel like someone is hugging you, Lululemon says it’s got the athleisure wear (a word that people use in real life) line for you: it’s called “Hugged Sensation” and according to the yoga pants peddlers, the clothing is engineered “to feel like a comfortable embrace from a close friend.”


After Twenty Years, Target To Drop Cherokee Brand Clothes

After Twenty Years, Target To Drop Cherokee Brand Clothes

The racks of clothing available at Target will look a bit different in two years, as the retailer announced this week that it won’t renew a decades-long contract with apparel retailer Cherokee. [More]


Gap Promises It’ll Sell Clothes You Actually Want To Wear By Next Spring

Change is in the air at Gap Inc., which has been struggling to attract customers lately in the crowded retail arena of mid-priced clothing. After announcing in June it’d be closing 21% of its U.S. stores by January, for a total of 175 locations, the company is promising that it’s starting to turn things around, though changes won’t be immediate: by next spring, the company says it’ll have clothing people actually might want to buy.


A kids' jacket that uses 20% recycled denim at H&M. Regrettably, they are not selling the animal ears version in adult sizes. We checked.

H&M Sells Customers’ Old Clothes Back To Them As Recycled Denim

A few years ago, H&M was caught destroying unsold clothing to discourage dumpster-divers, enraging people, especially if they were already opponents of fast fashion. A few years later, the Swedish chain did the exact opposite: they offered customers a discount for their old clothes, and promised to recycle those old duds into rags, insulation, or even new clothes. Now, three years later, you can theoretically buy your old clothes back from H&M in denim form. [More]

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Today In Weird Clothing Trends: Wearing Jeans Infused With Jade To Beat The Heat

Because no one likes having heavy fabric clinging to sweaty, suffocating legs when it’s hot outside, many people turn to a clothing innovation known as “shorts” to give those limbs some breathing room when the weather is hot. But over in China, Lee jeans has decided to push another option — denim infused with crushed jade stones, a method that theoretically keeps wearers cooler.


Target Sorry People Are Offended By Its “Trophy” T-Shirt For Women

Target Sorry People Are Offended By Its “Trophy” T-Shirt For Women

A storm has been brewing recently on social media over a women’s T-shirt sold by Target that bears the word “TROPHY” across it. As in, a trophy wife, someone who is meant only to adorn the arm of another and look pretty. But Target says it’s just part of its collection for women of the marrying kind, and that it’s received an “overwhelmingly positive” response to the item.



Amazon’s Apparel Sales Could Surpass Macy’s By 2017

While Amazon used to be the site where you bought affordable books, CDs, DVDs, and electronics, the online retailer is quickly gaining ground as a seller of designer apparel and accessories. [More]

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Doctors Warn: Squatting In Skinny Jeans May Lead To Nerve Damage

If you’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that there was something not quite right about the trend of encasing your lower half in skintight denim, that feeling might be justified: Researchers say squatting while wearing skinny jeans can cause not only temporary discomfort, but nerve damage as well.