Gap CEO Says He’s Open To Possibly Using Amazon To Reach More Customers

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Although Amazon may be the big bad wolf at the door coming to blow the house down and eat up their business, some retailers are considering teaming up with the tech giant instead of fearing it. Like Gap, whose CEO said the company would consider working with Amazon if it means reaching shoppers.

While speaking at the company’s annual investor’s meeting, CEO Art Peck said Gap would think about relying on third-party sellers like Amazon, the Chicago Tribune reports.

“To not be considering Amazon and others would be — in my view — delusional,” Peck said. “We are always considering all of the opportunities beyond our traditional mix of channels and stores. Amazon is certainly one, and there are others as well.”

Gap has been struggling with sluggish same-store sales lately, as customers spurn malls and turn toward online shopping.

Amazon is pulling in clothing shoppers, on the other hand, and could become the No. 1 U.S. apparel retailer by next year, according to Cowen & Co. In the meantime, Amazon has taken steps to sell its own clothing lines with new private-label collections.

Gap CEO says he’d consider using Amazon to reach customers [Chicago Tribune]

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