USDA Announces Plans To Buy $20M Of Country’s Surplus Cheddar Cheese

Having an excess of cheese on your hands might sound like a dairy lover’s dream come true, but when an entire nation has a surplus of the stuff, things get a lot trickier.



Exec Of Company That Sold Fake Parmesan Cheese May Avoid Jail With Food Pantry Work

Remember the company that peddled imitation grated Parmesan cheese and billed it as the real deal (silly question — of course you do, no one could forget such a crime against cheese)? U.S. prosecutors are now asking that the executive of Castle Cheese Inc. be sentenced to time working in a food pantry or soup kitchen. [More]

Museum Silkeborg

Archaeologists Find Evidence Of 3,000-Year-Old Cheesy Cooking Disaster

Have you ever left a pan on the heat a bit too long while cooking, resulting in a hardened, inedible mess that even the strongest scrubbing sponge can’t clean? You’ll be glad to know that Norsemen living 3,000 years ago are just like us: archaeologists say they’ve unearthed evidence of a cooking disaster involving burnt cheese. [More]


Of Course People In Wisconsin Are Getting Wedding Cakes Made Entirely Out Of Cheese

Usually, the topic of wedding trends makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a wire hanger dipped in hot tar, but when you introduce cheese into the picture, well, that’s another matter entirely. [More]

Grassfields Cheese

Grassfields Farms Cheese Sold At Whole Foods Recalled For Possible E. Coli

Cheese is one of our favorite foods here at Consumerist, but its creamy deliciousness doesn’t make it immune to some very unappetizing foodborne pathogens. Grassfields Cheese, a small producer in Michigan, has announced a recall of all cheeses produced between December 2015 and August 2016 because they have been linked to E. coli infections. [More]


6 Things We Learned About The Test To Become A Certified Cheese Professional

Today I learned that there’s an entire group of people to envy that I was unaware of: Certified Cheese Professionals. To become one of these special cheesemongers, there’s a very demanding test that I was a little sad to find out isn’t so much like tasting samples at the supermarket, but more akin to taking a grueling, standardized test in high school. [More]


Not Again: Some Jerk Stole 20,000 Pounds Of Cheese In Wisconsin

If you thought cheese could be safely left alone, months after a series of cheese thefts rocked the dairy love world, you thought wrong. Some brazen jerk out there is still stealing cheese in Wisconsin. [More]


An Oversupply Of Cheese & Meat Hurts Producers; Means Better Prices At The Store

Supply and demand: the push and pull of time, money, materials, and desire that influences the price and availability of all commodities. An overreaction to a shortage today can result in a glut a few years from now, and vice versa.  So how did we end up with the current overabundance of cheese, meat, and grains in the U.S.? [More]


The U.S. Has A Giant Cheese Surplus And Unfortunately, This Is A Bad Thing

In many cases, having too much cheese is the kind of problem that can be solved by pointing me in the direction of that dairy and letting nature take its course. But the surplus cheese and butter situation the U.S. now finds itself in won’t be sorted out so easily. [More]

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Some Jerk Stole 19 Cases Of Provolone From A Colorado Restaurant

While we take all forms of food theft very seriously, when someone commits a cheese-related crime, we get very annoyed. We’re none too pleased right now with the jerk who pilfered almost $2,000 worth of provolone from a Colorado eatery, a jerk whose crime is depriving potential customers of the enjoyment of eating cheese. [More]


We Can All Be Proud That A Wisconsin Cheese Won The World Championship Cheese Contest

Full disclosure: I’m from Wisconsin, and I love cheese. So it isn’t surprising that the news that a Wisconsin cheese won the World Championship Cheese contest has me over the moon (which is made of cheese, of course). But we can all be proud, friends, because this is the world championship, and no U.S. cheese has won the title in nearly 30 years… until now. America! [More]

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Kraft Heinz: “Virtually No One Noticed” Mac & Cheese Recipe Change

After announcing 11 months ago that it would remove artificial colors and preservatives from its Macaroni & Cheese product, Kraft Heinz says it went ahead and did that… and basically no one remarked on the change. [More]

Why Do Low-Fat Cheeses Always Have Lady Mascots?

Why Do Low-Fat Cheeses Always Have Lady Mascots?

Hold it right there, fella! You, with the reduced fat Galbani string cheese in your hand! Don’t you know that stuff is for the ladies? Otherwise, why would all the less fatty cheese options feature a female character with flowing locks, while the regular fat packages have a male anthropomorphized cheese stick? [More]

Walmart Faces Lawsuit For Selling Parmesan Cheese With Wood Pulp Filler

Walmart Faces Lawsuit For Selling Parmesan Cheese With Wood Pulp Filler

With federal regulators now cracking down on Parmesan cheese products that contain wood pulp and other fillers, it was just a mater of time before the first lawsuit was filed against a retailer selling its grated cheese product as “100% Parmesan.”  [More]

Sargento Shortchanges Customers Who Prefer Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Sargento Shortchanges Customers Who Prefer Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Megan was shopping for cheese at Target over the weekend, as many sensible people do, and she noticed something strange about the pre-sliced packages of Sargento cheddar. It came in two different sizes, which had the same price. Yes, it turns out that one of them was the victim of the Grocery Shrink Ray, taking the total from 20 slices to 18, depriving customers of enough slices to make an entire grilled cheese sandwich. UPDATE: The different sizes may represent different package sizes between cheddar types, which is confusing. [More]

These are not the garlic knots in question. (WayTru)

Police: Pizzeria Melee Sparked By Unwanted Cheese On Garlic Knots

It’s surely an inconvenience when your food comes out with an unwanted ingredient on it, but violence is never the appropriate response if your order isn’t exactly right. Police in Daytona, FL say a group of customers at a pizzeria reacted a bit strongly when a worker allegedly put cheese on an order of garlic knots that was not supposed to include cheese. [More]

Jewel-Osco Pulls House Brand Of Grated Cheese Over Wood Pulp Concerns

Jewel-Osco Pulls House Brand Of Grated Cheese Over Wood Pulp Concerns

As reports spread of federal regulators cracking down on Parmesan cheese products that contain a bunch of a wood pulp and other fillers, one national grocery chain says it’s pulling its house brand of grated cheese from shelves amid concerns about the food additive. [More]

Grated Cheese Cops Want To Protect Us All From Parmesan Full Of Cheddar And Wood

Grated Cheese Cops Want To Protect Us All From Parmesan Full Of Cheddar And Wood

As people who enjoy being alive and healthy, perhaps we should be glad that the Food and Drug Administration, regulators of our country’s pantries and medicine cabinets, prioritizes risks to our health over things that may be inaccurate or misleading but that ultimately don’t harm us. Unfortunately, that means that we’ve all been eating a lot of wood-infused grated cheese that sometimes isn’t even the type of cheese advertised. [More]