Banks Report That Park-N-Fly Payment Information May Have Been Breached

Park-N-Fly, as you may be able to guess from the name, is a company that provides parking and shuttle services at airports. Customers can make parking reservations and pay online before their flights, which is very convenient. However, the company may have been the latest victim of a payment information breach, according to reports from card-issuing banks.

When Krebs on Security, often the first site to report on breaches like this, contacted Park-N-Fly, the company issued a statement explaining that it has investigated the same claims of possible breaches from banks. Park-N-Fly says that they have not yet found any breaches in their payment systems. “Like any reputable company involved in e-commerce today we recognize that we must be constantly vigilant and research every claim to root out any vulnerabilities or potential gaps,” the company said in its response.

Why do banks find out about these breaches first? They’re the companies that see fraudulent transactions first, and also may discover when their own cardholders’ data is for sale on the not-so-secret underground card number markets. Banks are able to view which of their customers’ cards are for sale online, and combine that information with customer data to figure out whether breached cards had been used in any of the same places. In this case, cards in a certain batch were all used at Park-N-Fly.

This isn’t even the first potential breach at a major parking company this month: a few weeks ago, SP+ announced that its payment systems at 17 garages had been compromised, with card numbers intercepted from the card readers.

Banks: Park-n-Fly Online Card Breach [Krebs on Security]

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