Alaska Airlines Testing Electronic Baggage Tags With Some Passengers, Crew

Alaska Airlines Testing Electronic Baggage Tags With Some Passengers, Crew

For years now, airlines have experimented with different programs — like real-time baggage tracking — that aim to ensure that passengers and their luggage arrive together and in one piece. Alaska Airlines is jumping on the issue, allowing some passengers to replace traditional checked bag tags with a high-tech, electronic version.  [More]

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Passsengers On Exploded Megabus Get Inadequate Compensation For Bags, Can’t Get Legal Help

When a Minneapolis-bound Megabus caught fire and exploded last month in the suburbs of Chicago, no passengers were injured. Their baggage, however, was destroyed, and that’s how they learned how difficult it is to get compensation when everything in your bag has burned up in a bus explosion. Even having a travel writer for the New York Times on board isn’t enough to recuperate the full value of everything they brought on the bus. [More]


Samsonite Is Packing Up Rival Tumi And Taking It Home With $1.8B Deal

Luggage company Samsonite is taking on some extra baggage — on purpose. The company confirmed Thursday that it’s agreed to buy rival Tumi for around $1.8 billion. [More]

Woman Claims Her Bag Was Peed On While In United Airlines’ Possession

Woman Claims Her Bag Was Peed On While In United Airlines’ Possession

It’s not often you hear about airlines and urine twice in one day, but apparently that’s the case today. Just hours after a man said he sat in a pee-soaked American Airlines seat, a United Airlines passenger claims an airline employee urinated in her bag. [More]

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United Airlines Creates “Essentials,” “Enhanced” Bundles For Extra Legroom, Checked Bags

In a day and age when it seems as if you can bundle just about anything from cable, Internet, and phone service to those little extras you’re charged during a hotel stay. So it makes sense that airlines would also offer the same options for customers looking for extra legroom or an additional checked bag.  [More]

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Denying Travelers Compensation For Damaged Bags Won’t Fly With The DOT Starting Jan. 9

Some airlines aren’t living up to their obligation to compensate passengers for damage to their luggage, recent inspections by the Department of Transportation found. Now, the agency is warning carriers that if their policies and trainings don’t fall in line with federal regulations by Jan. 9, they could face fines and other enforcement action.  [More]

American Airlines Loses Professional Dancer’s $250K Prosthetic Leg, Finds It In Another Country

American Airlines Loses Professional Dancer’s $250K Prosthetic Leg, Finds It In Another Country

If you thought the airline losing your suitcase of souvenirs was rough, imagine if they lost a bag with your prosthetic leg. That’s apparently what happened for a professional dancer and Boston Marathon bombing victim traveling with American Airlines this week.  [More]


Airlines Once Again Introducing Baggage Surcharges For Holiday Travelers

Last year, Spirit Airlines showed passengers that it didn’t quite get the concept that holidays – especially those that fall in late December and early January – are meant to spread cheer and goodwill toward fellow humans, by increasing baggage fees for merry travelers. This year, the budget airline is once again utilizing those surcharges, and this time, it has company in Frontier Airlines.  [More]

The new "space bins," featured on the left, can hold two more bags than traditional overhead bins.

New “Space Bins” Increase Aircraft Carry-On Capacity By 48%

Earlier this year, airline groups proposed a plan that would have required airlines to adopt a smaller carry-on bag standard. That idea was eventually scrapped, and that’s probably a good thing considering airlines are now looking to add roomier overhead storage bins through cabin upgrades.   [More]

Frontier Airlines Loses Passenger’s Hockey Sticks Not Once, But Twice In Two Weeks

Frontier Airlines Loses Passenger’s Hockey Sticks Not Once, But Twice In Two Weeks

When putting your belongings in the hands of an airline, you’re taking the risk that those items might not make it to your desired destination – just ask Alaska Airlines’ CEO. Still, what are the chances that the same airline would lose your gear not once, but twice? [More]

Even Airline CEOs Aren’t Immune To Carriers Losing Their Bags

Even Airline CEOs Aren’t Immune To Carriers Losing Their Bags

When talking about the airline you run, it probably isn’t the best idea to start out by recounting how said carrier misplaced your bags on your latest flight. Unless, maybe, you’re trying to seem relatable and let consumers know that accidents happen. But even then, it can’t be anything less than embarrassing.  [More]


American Airlines Launches Real-Time Baggage Tracking Service For Travelers

After a long day of traveling the last thing you want to deal with is lost baggage, but, unfortunately, that’s a very real situation for millions of consumers: over the last five years, the Transportation Security Administration paid out $3 million for lost, stolen and damaged baggage. American Airlines is trying to give travelers piece of mind that their bags are well within reach by launching a new bag tracking service. [More]

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Amtrak Will Now Start Enforcing Baggage Limits

If you’ve been hopping on trains with big loads of luggage and gleefully stowing it Amtrak’s baggage compartments, you’re going to need to curb your tendency to over pack: starting Oct. 1, Amtrak will start enforcing its baggage weight limits, handing out fees to those hauling more than their fair share onboard.


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Suitcase Cam Shows What It’s Like To Be Luggage At The Airport

Have you ever ever wondered what it’s like for your checked luggage at the airport? Where does it go, what does it see, who touches it — does it make suitcase friends along the way? While many of those questions remain unanswered, a new video shot from the point of view of a piece of baggage cruising around behind the scenes at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is definitely mesmerizing.



Report: TSA Paid Out $3M In The Last 5 Years For Lost, Stolen And Damaged Baggage

If you’ve ever had your checked luggage stolen, damaged, lost or otherwise mishandled while flying, you probably know you’re not alone. But what you might not know is how often the Transportation Security Administration actually admits wrongdoing and compensates unhappy travelers in those cases. Enlightenment is here: A new report says the TSA has forked over about $3 million in the last five years for such claims.



Oakland Airport Baggage Handlers Accused Of Participating In Marijuana Smuggling Ring

Federal officials say they’ve uncovered an alleged marijuana smuggling ring that involved three baggage handlers working at Oakland International Airport. Because airport workers can go behind the scenes where others can’t, investigators say the baggage handlers used their security badges to access off-limits areas and get pot from one point to another.


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Alaska Airlines Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Employee Fell Asleep In Cargo Hold

In the last year, a number of people have attempted – sometimes successfully – to stow away in different areas of airplanes to catch a free ride. On Monday, a ramp agent for Alaska Airlines inadvertently became a stowaway when he fell asleep in the plane’s cargo hold, causing the plane to initiate an emergency landing after just 14 minutes in the air. [More]

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Passenger Sues Southwest Airlines For $49,000 After Oversized Bag Falls On Him

Most of us have been there at one time or another: rushing to stuff our suitcase or backpack into the overhead space on a flight so other passengers can get by. But what happens when that bag falls and hits someone else? If you’re an Oregon man on the receiving end of the falling suitcase, you apparently file a lawsuit against the airline. [More]