Suitcase Cam Shows What It’s Like To Be Luggage At The Airport

Have you ever ever wondered what it’s like for your checked luggage at the airport? Where does it go, what does it see, who touches it — does it make suitcase friends along the way? While many of those questions remain unanswered, a new video shot from the point of view of a piece of baggage cruising around behind the scenes at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is definitely mesmerizing.

In what could be a scene out of a Pixar movie featuring adorable, no-nonsense robots just doing their job, the point-of-view camera attached to a suitcase shows the long journey your bags make to get from the cargo hold of the plane and around the airport, until they land at baggage claim.

There are conveyor belts aplenty, robotic arms tipping bags here and there with purpose, and long stretches of rollercoaster-like cruising up and down.

The video is worth a watch for fun, and even cooler is the 360-degree view option. That version allows users to click and drag their mouse on the screen to see any direction around the bag as it shuttles along on its merry way.

*This post originally included a YouTube video that has since been removed. But the 360 version is still on Schiphol’s site!

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