Airlines Once Again Introducing Baggage Surcharges For Holiday Travelers

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Last year, Spirit Airlines showed passengers that it didn’t quite get the concept that holidays – especially those that fall in late December and early January – are meant to spread cheer and goodwill toward fellow humans, by increasing baggage fees for merry travelers. This year, the budget airline is once again utilizing those surcharges, and this time, it has company in Frontier Airlines. 

The fee-happy airlines have sucked all of the upcoming holiday cheer out of the air by announcing they would increase their already hefty baggage fees for certain checked and carry-on bags, Time reports.

As with last year’s increase, from Dec. 16 to Jan. 4, Spirit will tack on an additional $2 each way for standard-sized checked luggage.

Some Spirit customers won’t see the extra surcharges: those carrying on bags won’t see an increase, while travelers in Spirit’s $9 Fare Club will continue to pay a non-hiked special members-only fee during the holidays.

Spirit’s baggage fee schedule varries considerably depending on when and where you check your luggage. For example, the airline charges $30 for checking a bag when booking a flight, $35 before online check-in, $40 during online check-in, and $50 at airport check-in. Travelers can check fees for their particular flight on Spirit’s Bag-O-Tron.

A spokesperson for the airline says that Christmas and New Year’s “is a very high demand period for Spirit.” Last year, the company said the fees were intended to “encourage customers to pack a bit lighter” for their travels.

While the continuation of Spirit’s holiday fee increase isn’t all that surprising, the winter and spring “temporary price increases” at Frontier Airlines for both carry-on and checked baggage is new.

The extra fees, which range from $5 to $10, first take effect for departures from Nov. 19, to Jan. 5.

Under the temporary pricing system, carry-on bag prices increase $5 at booking and up to 24 hours before departure. The fee doubles to $10 at web check-in.

Traveler’s first checked bag will cost an additional $5 on Frontier’s website, at booking and up to 24 hours before departure. It increases by $10 at the company’s call center, web check-in, and airport ticket counters or self-service kiosks. A second checked bag will incur another $10 fee.

With the surcharges, checked baggage costs will range from $35 to $40 , while carry-on costs will range from $35 to $50.

Here’s the airline’s current baggage fee schedule:

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.03.17 AM

The new fees at Frontier aren’t just a holiday thing, either. According to the company’s baggage fee information page, the increases are also in effect between Feb. 11 and April 4, and again from June 9 to Aug. 16.

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