United Airlines Creates “Essentials,” “Enhanced” Bundles For Extra Legroom, Checked Bags

Image courtesy of Courtesy of United Airlines
Courtesy of United Airlines

Courtesy of United Airlines

In a day and age when it seems as if you can bundle just about anything from cable, Internet, and phone service to those little extras you’re charged during a hotel stay. So it makes sense that airlines would also offer the same options for customers looking for extra legroom or an additional checked bag. 

USA Today reports that United Airlines is joining the growing number of carriers that give travelers the option to purchase a bundled perks package for their next trip.

The airline will start by offering two bundled perks packages — “Economy Plus Essentials” and “Economy Plus Enhanced” — in order to offer customers “more comfort, convenience and relaxation.”

Customers purchasing the Economy Plus Essentials package will get extra legroom with an Economy Plus seat, plus an additional checked bag.

The Economy Plus Enhanced package includes everything in the Essentials bundle, with the addition of Premier Access — which includes special check-in lines, access to special security lanes, plus priority boarding and baggage handling — a United Club trip pass, and between 500 and 1,000 extra award miles depending on their trip.

While United didn’t provide specifics on the cost of the new bundles, the company claims customers can save between 20% and 25% by purchasing the bundles rather than buying the extras separately.

USA Today points out that while the packages might be tempting for some customers, it’s not available for everyone. For example, if you’re traveling as part of a group and booked your tickets together, either everyone has to buy the upgrade or no one can.

Additionally, some passengers who already have status with United, via Premier Member status, or through United Club subscriptions, already receive several of the perks, meaning they don’t do much good for these travelers.

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