angus third pounder

This East Balt memo says the last Angus patties will be going out to restaurants this weekend.

Memo Seems To Confirm The End Of McDonald’s Angus Burgers

Yesterday, we mentioned an unconfirmed report that McDonald’s was ending its experiment with the Angus Third Pounder burger after nearly four years, now a Consumerist reader has provided us with what appears to be solid proof that the Angus burgers will be disappearing in the coming weeks. [More]

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To McDonald’s Angus Third Pounder?

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To McDonald’s Angus Third Pounder?

Nearly four years ago, McDonald’s added the Angus Third Pounder to the menu, making it the company’s first new burger offering in eight years, and leading to the inevitable rash of “anus burger” signs. But now comes a report that the sandwich is set to vanish forever. [More]


Bid Adieu To Chicken Selects As McDonald’s Makes Room On The Menu For Newer Items

If you’re a huge fan of McDonald’s Chicken Selects, you know, for when the four different shapes of McNuggets just won’t do, get your fill now while you can. The chain is cutting a few menu items, ostensibly to make way for newer fare it wants to roll out soon, like perhaps those wings we’ve heard about. [More]