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AMC Not So Keen On MoviePass Price Cut

Yesterday, MoviePass, a company that sells subscriptions that let customers see one movie per day in most theaters across the country, gained a lot of publicity by announcing that it was lowering the price of subscriptions to $10 per month. Someone wasn’t really a fan of this move, though: the country’s largest cinema chain, AMC. [More]

AMC Reportedly Working On Streaming Service Connected To Cable Packages

AMC Reportedly Working On Streaming Service Connected To Cable Packages

If you’re a fan of that one show where the undead aren’t the biggest threat to the living, or the one where the Cinnabon guy used to be a shady-ish lawyer, but you want a little more from the shows, you’re just the person AMC is looking for: The cable network is preparing to launch an online video streaming service featuring content related to its popular shows. [More]

Regal Can’t Stop Studios From Letting Upscale iPic Theater Show New Movies

Regal Can’t Stop Studios From Letting Upscale iPic Theater Show New Movies

If you’re a movie studio, you want as many people as possible to pay to see your films. If you’re a movie theater chain, you don’t want competing theaters to showing the same movies you’ve got, especially if that competitor has luxury features you don’t offer. But is it legal to use your leverage as the nation’s biggest theater chain to stop movie studios from licensing their films to the newer, fancier kid on the block? [More]

AMC Uses Questionable Copyright Claim To Bully Spoiler Site Into Not Revealing That [Redacted] Dies

AMC Uses Questionable Copyright Claim To Bully Spoiler Site Into Not Revealing That [Redacted] Dies

As anyone who watches The Walking Dead knows, the most recent run of the lighthearted AMC romantic comedy ended abruptly with a poorly orchestrated cliffhanger. Since then, fans of the show have been theorizing about which character met his/her untimely end. Now, AMC is using a barbwire-wrapped cease-and-desist copyright demand to prevent one popular spoiler group from revealing that the newly deceased character was… [More]


AMC: Just Kidding About That Whole Texting In Theaters Thing

Remember earlier this week, when new AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron said he was open to allowing texting during movies in some way? Yeah, that’s not gonna happen, the company announced Friday. [More]

Dispute May Kill AMC On Small Cable Provider; CEO Hints That Maybe Bundles Are The Real Zombie

Dispute May Kill AMC On Small Cable Provider; CEO Hints That Maybe Bundles Are The Real Zombie

Disputes between cable networks (or their parent companies) and the distribution companies that carry them are nothing new. It seems like we see at least a half-dozen channel blackouts happen every year, when the contract negotiations between the two break down. [More]

You can't run from the future of digital releases.

Paramount, Movie Theaters Sharing A Piece Of The Revenue Pie With Unusually Early Digital Release

Look around you — notice anything different? Probably not, but big change could be underfoot, at least in the cinematic realm: Paramount Studios is trying something new, releasing Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse digitally — only 39 days after its theatrical release. [More]

This image from the Mad Men finale has nothing to do with Coca-Cola. We just love Stan's style.

Coca-Cola Says It Didn’t Pay For Placement In Mad Men Finale

If you haven’t watched the series finale of Mad Men, then you really shouldn’t be reading a story about the series finale of Mad Men. And if you continue reading this story about the series finale of Mad Men, don’t get angry at us for giving away what happens in the final moments of the series finale of Mad Men. [More]

C'mon, we all know it was Eugene who uploaded the spoiler clips to Vimeo.

AMC Goes To Court To Identify Who Is Posting Spoiler Clips Of ‘Walking Dead’

While most of us never see a TV show until it airs, there are all manner of people out there — from network people to entertainment reporters to advertisers — who often get to see episodes ahead of time, and some of these folks (or maybe their idiot kids or roommates) are then sharing these videos online with spoiler-hungry fan communities. For the producers of hit AMC show The Walking Dead, it’s not enough to just take these spoiler videos down as they pop up, they want to know where the clips are coming from. [More]

Sling Users Get More Streaming TV Today With Addition Of AMC, IFC

Sling Users Get More Streaming TV Today With Addition Of AMC, IFC

One of the most common knocks against Dish’s Sling TV streaming service is that it just doesn’t offer you enough channels for the $20/month subscription, but today Sling will get more attractive to some as AMC and IFC are added to the base package of channels at no additional cost, while users also have the option of a $5 premium bundle from Epix. [More]

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Burst Sprinkler Pipe Floods NYC Movie Theater, Sends Chandelier Crashing To The Floor

Nothing quite ruins a movie like an unexpected shower: Moviegoers at a New York City theater were interrupted in their cinematic pursuits yesterday afternoon when an overhead sprinkler pipe burst, flooding the place and sending a light fixture crashing to the ground. And yes, the theater did have screenings of Fifty Shades of Grey on the schedule let’s make that joke in our heads and move on. [More]

AMC is now live on Sling, several weeks in advance of the April 5 start of Mad Men's final season.

Sling To Get ‘Mad Men’ & ‘Walking Dead’ With Addition Of AMC

We’ve already given you some reasons to possibly think twice before signing up for Dish’s $20/month Sling TV, but here’s some good news — the company confirmed today that it will be adding AMC to the lineup of channels available on the live TV streaming service. [More]

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Theaters Tell “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Fans To Leave Their Props At Home

Every once in a while when movie with a built-in fan base opens, superfans show their excitement by donning costumes of their favorite characters and carrying props related to story. Some Harry Potter fans waved wands, Hulk fan encased their hands in giant green foam fists, and Star Wars lovers engaged in light saber duels, but fans of the soon-to-be released Fifty Shades of Grey movie have been instructed to leave their toys at home. [More]


AMC Remodels Movie Theaters To Have Big, Reclining Seats, But Fewer Of Them

Imagine that you’re a potential investor in movie theater chain AMC, which became a publicly traded company last year. Executives share their exciting new sales pitch: they’re going to make more money by selling fewer tickets to each show. Wait, what? How does that lead to higher earnings? Auditoriums that fit fewer patrons will have comfier, recliner-style seats. [More]

Dead people, sooner.

Global Versions Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Will Air Within 24 Hours Of U.S. Episodes To Fight Piracy

Probably one of the best ways to fight piracy is by giving people what they want before they resort to other means to get it. AMC is taking that approach with the new season of zombie suspense show The Walking Dead, and will release new episodes for international viewers within 24 hours of the original airtime. [More]

I Have To Pay Another $23 Because 5th Season Of Breaking Bad Was Split In Half

I Have To Pay Another $23 Because 5th Season Of Breaking Bad Was Split In Half

Martin is really annoyed. Last year, he bought season 5 of “Breaking Bad” on iTunes, which means that the fresh episodes should show up on his Apple TV at the same time they air on cable. After all, the episodes on now are the second half of the fifth season, not the sixth season. [More]


Dish Network Agrees To Bring Back AMC & Pay The Company $700 Million In Settlement

Dish Network customers are probably salivating with joy right now over the prospect of watching Mad MenThe Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, as the company and AMC have finally reached a settlement. “Finally” is the key word here — it feels like these two have been fighting forever, even if the dispute really only got heated in July. [More]


Without Discount Passes, AMC’s Rewards Program Is A Lot Less Rewarding

Amy thought that the AMC Stubs rewards program was pretty great, back when the discount passes that she bought at Costco counted toward earning rewards. The Stubs program isn’t free (it costs $12 a year) and she was exchanging money for movie tickets and perhaps buying some snacks, after all. Then AMC suddenly stopped counting Gold and Silver passes toward the program. [More]