Without Discount Passes, AMC’s Rewards Program Is A Lot Less Rewarding

Image courtesy of (camknows)

Amy thought that the AMC Stubs rewards program was pretty great, back when the discount passes that she bought at Costco counted toward earning rewards. The Stubs program isn’t free (it costs $12 a year) and she was exchanging money for movie tickets and perhaps buying some snacks, after all. Then AMC suddenly stopped counting Gold and Silver passes toward the program.

Without warning and without notification, the AMC Stubs program has stopped giving credit for using Gold or Silver Experience movie passes. AMC charges $12/year for the program. The Stubs program was heavily promoted when it began almost two years ago. I was hesitant to sign up because until I was told I could use the discounted movie passes from Costco. The program rewards members with $10 every time their purchases in tickets or concessions adds up to $100. I am angry that the money I spend on the tickets does not count toward the reward.

I will not be renewing.

If enough savings-oriented pass users feel the same way, they should cancel the program and tell AMC so.

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