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DNA Analysis Shows Legendary Explorers Club Dinner Didn’t Actually Include Woolly Mammoth Or Giant Sloth

In the days before DNA testing and the Internet, it was possible to get away with telling people you’re serving them prehistoric animals for dinner. Not so much now, as scientific research has shown that a legendary Explorers Club dinner from 1951 that offered “prehistoric meats” didn’t really serve members giant sloth, as the menu had it, or woolly mammoth, as legend had it. [More]

C'mon, we all know it was Eugene who uploaded the spoiler clips to Vimeo.

AMC Goes To Court To Identify Who Is Posting Spoiler Clips Of ‘Walking Dead’

While most of us never see a TV show until it airs, there are all manner of people out there — from network people to entertainment reporters to advertisers — who often get to see episodes ahead of time, and some of these folks (or maybe their idiot kids or roommates) are then sharing these videos online with spoiler-hungry fan communities. For the producers of hit AMC show The Walking Dead, it’s not enough to just take these spoiler videos down as they pop up, they want to know where the clips are coming from. [More]


Cinnabon Reminding Everyone It’s Part Of ‘Better Call Saul’ By Handing Out Free Treats Tonight

ATTENTION: Minor spoiler alert to follow. Here’s your last chance to stop reading if you’re a fan of Better Call Saul and haven’t watched last night’s premiere yet. Ready? Last warning… Fans of Breaking Bad may remember that prophetic line uttered by squirrelly lawyer Saul Goodman toward the end of the series: “If I’m lucky in a month from now, best-case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.” Not one to turn down an opportunity for publicity, the cinnamon bun chain is now trading in on the character’s new lot in life by handing out free treats tonight. [More]

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Kraft Recalls 1.3 Million Cases Of Cottage Cheese Due To Possible Early Disgustingness

Do you love cottage cheese? You may not love what happens to 1.3 million cases of Kraft cottage cheese that the company has recalled because they’re at an increased risk of spoilage. Affected brands include Knudsen, Breakstone’s, Simply Kraft, and Daily Chef. [More]