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Theaters Tell “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Fans To Leave Their Props At Home

Every once in a while when movie with a built-in fan base opens, superfans show their excitement by donning costumes of their favorite characters and carrying props related to story. Some Harry Potter fans waved wands, Hulk fan encased their hands in giant green foam fists, and Star Wars lovers engaged in light saber duels, but fans of the soon-to-be released Fifty Shades of Grey movie have been instructed to leave their toys at home. [More]


Man Doesn’t Realize Loaded Guns Are Verboten At Disney World, Leaves His On Ride Seat

What is going on with Disney’s amusement parks recently? On Tuesday a dry ice bomb went off in a garbage can at Disneyland, and now people are finding loaded guns just sitting there, hanging out on the seats of rides at Disney World. There are things that do not belong at theme parks, people, and guns/bombs are just two of them. The other is hiked up black socks with shorts but we can’t do much about that. [More]