JetBlue Employees Charged In Credit Card Scam

Don’t leave your credit card on the JetBlue counter at JFK! Four JetBlue employees and a city corrections officer are charged with stealing credit card numbers from JetBlue passengers, according to Newsday. The “JetBlue 5” as we’ve decided to call them, used the cards to go on a “spending spree” that included “restaurants, liquor stores, and shops including Bloomingdale’s and Victoria’s Secret.” Naughty!

The “JetBlue 5” were caught after a passenger left his credit card on the JetBlue counter and someone (tee hee! Guess who!) thought it would be a really good idea to “run up 508 in charges.”

Why are we somehow not suprised that 3 of the (alleged) culprits were Customer Service employees. One was a flight attendant. David “Mortified” Neeleman has yet to comment on the story, but we assume some heartfelt apology is forthcoming. Right, Dave? —MEGHANN MARCO

JetBlue employees accused in credit card scam [Newsday]
(Photo: saaby)