The Mystery Of The Closed UPS Store

Someone get Nancy Drew’s skinny ass down here, we’ve got a puzzler. The UPS Store in Marietta, OH is closed. Are they out of business? Is someone on vacation? Did someone die inside?

No one knows. It’s a regular small town mystery. From the Marietta Times:

Five days after the UPS Store in Frontier Shopping Center suddenly closed and locked its doors, without explanation, it’s still a mystery.

“She just moved out, moved all her stuff out over the weekend, just gone,” said Larry Thomas, owner of Frontier Barber Shop, a neighboring business. “I don’t think people have got the message.”

Monday Dale Goddard Sr., of Marietta, a longtime customer, didn’t know the store was closed.

“I went out there because I do the church bulletin and newsletter and always make my copies there,” Goddard said. “I just bought $90 worth of pre-paid cards for copies.”

The mystery deepens!

“Some read the sign, then shake the door or kick it, like they want to get in,” he said. “A van pulled up this morning and unloaded before he saw the sign. He had to pack all those boxes back up. He was not a happy camper.”

Up and down the strip mall there are lots of rumors, but no reason given why the UPS Store here, Marietta’s only one, closed last Wednesday.

Sadly, the reporters interviews produced no answered, just a sad man whose daughter’s birthday present is stuck inside the mysteriously closed UPS Store.

“Everything that was there late Tuesday is apparently still in there,” he said.

The gift has not been delivered in South Carolina.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever used the store,” he said. “I want my package. There’s nothing I can do, short of busting down the door.”

Who amongst you can solve “The Case Of The Closed UPS Store”? —MEGHANN MARCO

UPS store’s closing a mystery [Marietta Times]

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