The Mystery Of The Closed UPS Store

Someone get Nancy Drew’s skinny ass down here, we’ve got a puzzler. The UPS Store in Marietta, OH is closed. Are they out of business? Is someone on vacation? Did someone die inside?

No one knows. It’s a regular small town mystery. From the Marietta Times:

Five days after the UPS Store in Frontier Shopping Center suddenly closed and locked its doors, without explanation, it’s still a mystery.

“She just moved out, moved all her stuff out over the weekend, just gone,” said Larry Thomas, owner of Frontier Barber Shop, a neighboring business. “I don’t think people have got the message.”

Monday Dale Goddard Sr., of Marietta, a longtime customer, didn’t know the store was closed.

“I went out there because I do the church bulletin and newsletter and always make my copies there,” Goddard said. “I just bought $90 worth of pre-paid cards for copies.”

The mystery deepens!

“Some read the sign, then shake the door or kick it, like they want to get in,” he said. “A van pulled up this morning and unloaded before he saw the sign. He had to pack all those boxes back up. He was not a happy camper.”

Up and down the strip mall there are lots of rumors, but no reason given why the UPS Store here, Marietta’s only one, closed last Wednesday.

Sadly, the reporters interviews produced no answered, just a sad man whose daughter’s birthday present is stuck inside the mysteriously closed UPS Store.

“Everything that was there late Tuesday is apparently still in there,” he said.

The gift has not been delivered in South Carolina.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever used the store,” he said. “I want my package. There’s nothing I can do, short of busting down the door.”

Who amongst you can solve “The Case Of The Closed UPS Store”? —MEGHANN MARCO

UPS store’s closing a mystery [Marietta Times]


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  1. Buran says:

    The guy should contact the owner of the mall/property. They own the place and there should be provisions by which a landlord can enter leased units. Seems to me like “retrieving someone’s stuff” is a valid reason.

  2. zingbot says:

    If this happened to me here in New York Iwould find another place to mail packages or track the missing package online and let UPS handle it. Am I missing something?

  3. Gazpacho says:

    I use to be a UPS Store employee. From what the owner once said he can’t simply close up shop. UPS is suppose to come in and take over considering people have mailboxes there and the stores are profitable. Maybe he was blowing smoke, though.

    Besides contacting the strip mall owner, try contacting Mail Boxes Etc. (800) 789-4623 (Customer Service?) Last resort is calling UPS since they just drop by to pick up and drop off packages. (800)PICKUPS

  4. Craig says:

    UPS Stores are franchise stores, locally owned and operated. Until the owner of the store falls behind on his/her rent there isn’t anything the mall owner can do. UPS may be able to access the store, depending on the franchise agreement, but I doubt it.

  5. davethebutcher says:

    When I was working at a Mail Boxes Etc. (Now The UPS Store) I heard about another store that had a similar situation in Carmel, Ca. Apparently, the owner had been keeping all of the mail instead of sending it out and then one day took all the money and any valuable contents from packages etc. and left. My guess is that this is what happened here. As for the store I worked in, we had an owner that was separate from the manager, so maybe the owner is still around…

  6. Tzvi_Katowitz says:

    The linked article makes reference to the green sign outside, but nothing about what it says and who put it down. Bad journalism. (On the newspaper’s end, not The Consumerist)

  7. Buran says:

    @Craig: Actually, I would think that would depend on the lease agreement the store owner signed with the mall. When I lived in apartments there was always a clause in the lease describing when the landlord could enter, and how much notice had to be given, but I had to allow them to come in, even when my rent was paid up.

  8. holysmoke says:

    UPS franchisees are losing money hand over fist, they are in direct competition with UPS and they lose that competition all day.

    I have read many owners work 70 hours or more and don’t draw a single red cent, some even live off of their credit cards

  9. jwissick says:

    I went to one UPS store to snail mail a letter return reciept… they wanted 10.50. USPS did it for less than $5.

    Screw UPS stores.

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  11. Buran says:

    @Holden Caulfield: Gesundheit.

  12. @Buran: Thank you. :)

  13. Opants says:

    Oh man!

    I been reading Consumerist for about 2 years now, and now this comes up.

    Yours truly owned a UPS Store franchise in Northern California. I too, shut my store after the dollars stopped making cents. Seems like the owner of the mentioned location was either a shitbag or owed Tony Soprano some money and had to bail real fast-like.

    I will say that UPS, the company that bought Mail Boxes Etc. (what I was before UPS Store) has fucked all of us. Why ship UPS at my UPS Store when you can pay 20% less online. Makes sense, I know…I would do the same thing. Difference is that they did it to me (UPS Store).

    I drive a city bus now, and much happier.

  14. So can you call UPS and say, “I need you to pick up a package at a UPS store”? Because that would be way cool.

  15. bdgbill says:

    UPS Stores, like Mail Boxes Etc before them, suck.

    I travel a lot and often have to ship documents back to my office. My company has a UPS account number. I can use this account number to ship documents from UPS drop boxes or UPS service centers but not from “The UPS Store”.

    The independent owners of these stores refuse to accept packages shipped with account numbers because it prevents them from adding their huge mark up to the shipping charges. These stores want to soak little old ladies for boxes, tape, etc. then add a 50% mark up to shipping charges on top of that.

    I have a high regard for UPS itself but these stores are hurting their reputation.

  16. gafpromise says:

    I work for a commercial real estate company and there are many standard clauses in a tenant’s lease that allow the landlord entry. This sounds like a case of abandonment and skipping in which case the landlord usually has a right to take possession of the premises.

    You should call UPS too. They may not know what has happened. Although the location may be a franchise, UPS has their name on it and it is in their interest to keep the location open (by sending in a new operator perhaps). They may have a legal claim against the franchisee too. If they don’t follow through then the mall landlord may be able to sue them so that’s further incentive for them to get their act together.

  17. Kornkob says:

    I highly doubt that any rental agreement that store has includes any provision for the landlord going into the store to ‘retrieve’ property that someone says is theirs. In fact, I’m reasonably certain that anyone business savvy enough to own a strip mall would laugh at the person who asked for them to do this.

    Call UPS and complain. Try to find the owner’s name and complain. Ultimately, people will have to suck it up though– I doubt this person has any interest in good customer service at this point.

    On another note: my local UPS store has always taken my pre-labled packages for delivery. I pre-print my shipping label, slap it on the package and drop it off with a ‘yep– it’s all set’ and a smile.

    Per their own site: “Customers can generate their own label via the Shipping function on or by using any one of UPS’s online products. Of course, smart labels can also be applied to packages customers take to any one of UPS’s 70,000 full-service and drop off locations, e.g. The UPS Store, plus 88,000 UPS drivers. “

  18. tvh2k says:

    That’s because USPS mandates that “other” (private) mailing services only provide expedited services or pay them the standard mail rate. So really it’s the USPS’s fault that UPS can’t charge

  19. formergr says:

    The UPS Store I use in Chicago (because it’s way closer than the official UPS shipping facility, and there’s usually about 20 less people in line too) is really, really great (the one on Milwaukee just north of North Ave if anyone cares).

    The guys that work there are are really nice, always really helpful and always willing to lend me some tape, etc. Unlike other UPS Stores that people are posting about here, they actually do let you drop off a package for pickup by UPS that is being shipped with account #s or that you already paid by credit card for at I was floored when I found that out, because I knew they’d lose money.

    They also always have a bowl of dog biscuits out, and a big bowl of chocolates and other candies that customers are welcome to help themselves to.

  20. pestie says:

    @Holden Caulfield: Hey, thanks! I can suddenly read this HD-DVD I had lyin’ around…

  21. bennyb says:

    The store by my house is really cool (Laurel, MD if anyone cares). I will expect something like this from Verizon or COMCAST – Because somehow they never remember their service calls.

  22. stevekal says:

    My Neighborhood UPS Store kindly offered to tape up a ground-service box for me. Outside I noticed the $2 packing fee on the receipt. First I was mad at their tactics, then sad at their desperation for cash.