Game Crazy Cashier Caught Sneaking Gameguard Fees Onto Sale

Lu tried to buy “Dead Space” yesterday at a local Game Crazy because it was on sale. The cashier, however, added two fees for $1 and $2 for “Gameguard” insurance without Lu’s permission—then tried to explain it away by saying the price was higher than marked and he’d actually had to give discounts to bring it down to the sale price.

I went to my local Game Crazy today (7/12) in Redmond, WA to get in on their Dead Space sale, which is valid from 7/6 to 7/12. I bought 2 copies of the PS3 version: one new for myself, and one used for my friend. Of course, the only last new copy is gutted (opened, but sold as new), and while I hate gutted games and the practice in general, I figure the game was cheap enough for me to let it slide this time.

Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from there.

I look at my receipt, and there are two additional $1.00 and $2.00 charges to me. I ask the cashier what the charge was for, and HE CLAIMED that the game was actually $25 and he gave me a $2 discount and a $3 free insurance on both games. I say, “umm, no. That’s not right.” I told him the sticker on the new game itself says $19.99, and that’s what their ad says. Defensively, he repeatedly claims that his screen showed $25.

I ask him to show me the screen. He refuses of course, only replying now, “Ok what do you want? A refund?” No, I want to see the screen. But he never shows me and so I just tell him to give me a refund.

Now it gets worse. I must’ve spent at least 15 minutes standing there, while he “attempted” to refund the game back to my credit card. It’s not that hard. He mysteriously prints out SEVERAL (must’ve been 7 or 8) receipts saying he was doing it wrong. I did check the receipts out, and it did look like he kept refunded it to me as store credit instead of on my card. But I am still concerned, as that’s a LOT of transactions. I have the “final” return receipt with me, and I’m prepared to make a call to my credit card company later this month.

When I see the receipt, it says “$22.99” which is exactly $19.99 + the $3.00 BS insurance fee that he charged me earlier. I guess all that typing and re-trying on the computer must’ve been him attempting to adjust the price on the game.

Yes, I know it’s stupid to get mad about two [three? -Ed.] dollars. But it’s not really about two dollars any more. It’s about the RIDICULOUS customer service that game specialty stores have. I’m already not a fan of Gamestop (to say the least), but I thought Game Crazy was “ok.” I guess not. Given the option of not buying the game versus supporting an illegimate practice… I’ll live without the game.

To the Consumerist: I would love to get ANY help or advice on getting in contact with the store’s manager or district manager. I looked on the Game Crazy site, but there’s only a single customer service line and I’m not sure that’s going to be worth my time. Is there any other way of obtaining their contact information?

We suggested Lu try our advice in the post “Be A Customer Service Ninja,” but if anyone out there has some real Game Crazy contact info, please post it.