Comcast's 24/7 Customer Service Line Closed For Cancelers, Open For Upgraders

After a long day of work, John called Comcast’s “24/7” customer service line to downgrade his service. Press 1 to upgrade, 2 to downgrade, chirped the phone. He pressed two and was told that he was calling after hours and would have to call back later. He hung up and redialed and pressed 1, “upgrade,” this time, and within 30 seconds was connected with a customer service rep, “who was more than happy to help me DOWNGRADE my service. It was literally a 2 minute call, and I had cancelled the services I don’t use and am saving almost $40/mo,” blogs John. Clever, Comcast, so clever.

It’s Comcastic! (disclaimer) [JohnA lifeblog] (Photo: happy*cherry)