Woman Calls 911 Three Times Because McDonald's Is Out of McNuggets

A Florida woman called 911 three times because the McDonald’s where she was dining ran out of McNuggets.

Latreasa Goodman was obviously not an early reader of the Consumerist, otherwise she would have known that calling 911 over fast food menu disputes is a no-no. Instead, she called 911 up thrice because the McDonald’s cashier informed her they were out of McNuggets and tried in vain to offer her a McDouble and fries. Goodman was charged with misuse of 911.

The sad/funny thing about this is that Goodman had a valid complaint: the cashier didn’t tell her they were out of McNuggets until after she’d paid, and then refused to refund her money (and claimed she was the manager). Goodman actually sounds pretty restrained on the calls, even as she calls again and again to request an officer.

It’s too late to help Goodman, but the next time you have a fast food emergency, at least try 3-1-1 (after talking to the manager and perhaps calling corporate) before you call the first responders.

Update: McDonald’s has apologized.

Fort Pierce Woman Calls 911 Three Times When McNuggets Run Out [TCPalm] (Hasaudio of the three calls)
(Photo: Morton Fox)