10 Ways To Ruin A Job Interview

The Savvy Networker has 10 ways to ruin a job interview. Most of these are kind of obvious but maybe by reading it you can catch yourself if you start to do any of them without thinking about it. Also, it’s kind of fun to imagine someone doing them, like #10: Doing anything disgusting: “One candidate asked me for a cup of water, took a sip, swished it around in his mouth, and spat into a potted plant.”

Here’s my number 11: Don’t try to mimic the interviewer’s postures and then subtly alter them to get them to mimic you back and try to exercise Jedi mind control over the situation. I tried to do that once in college and I think the person eventually noticed and then I noticed that she noticed and that made me nervous so I couldn’t stop copying her so in the end my attempt to “dominate” the situation just got me more dominated. Needless to say, I didn’t get the gig.

Got any job interview gaffes? Share yours in the comments. (Photo: slushpup)

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