Time Warner Cable Customers Can't Play World Of Warcraft

Update: The Director of Digital Communications at Time Warner Cable has responded.

We don’t play World of Warcraft, but if we did, it looks like we’d have to cancel Time Warner Cable and install FIOS in order to guarantee a connection to Blizzard’s servers. That’s what some East Coast WoW players are saying—they’ve been suffering disconnections and game-killing lags for months now, and Time Warner Cable seems unable to solve the problem. They swear they’re not doing anything to disrupt or throttle gamers, and say that “customers who are having problems on the local level should contact customer service.” Based on the 24-page thread on Blizzard’s forums, TWC’s customer service has yet to resolve the issue.

One Wow player wrote,

Everyone here is extremely frustrated because we want to play but can’t get a connection to do so. Blizzard does what they can to help but the problem is the path to the servers not the servers themselves so we are sent to TWC. I’m sure everyone that has called has been asked to check thier connection, their router, their modem and their underwear color. The “techs” are outsourced and don’t listen or don’t understand English very well. How many of you have told the “tech” that you have tried their suggestions 100 times only to have them send you to http://speedtest.nyc.rr.com/ and say “See .. no problem with your connection”?

Maybe you should unplug your router for a few moments to reset it. LOOKIT ME I’M A TIME WARNER CABLE CSR.

Update: An alleged Time Warner Cable employee wrote to us this morning:

Without going into detail, I am an employee of Time Warner Cable. At this time, we are not aware of any issues with this. If possible, please urge anyone having this issue to contact us immediately using an online form. If we have account information, we can investigate the issue, but we do not block packets/servers/etc. that should be causing the issue. If anything, a recent system upgrade should be delivering faster speeds. Please, if possible, direct those with the issue here:


“TWC Blamed for Internet Interference” [New York Post]
(Photo: thms.nl)