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Domino’s Not Clear About How Daylight Saving Time Works

Donna decided to be all efficient and stuff. She knew that she needed some pizzas for a high school team event on Monday, November 4th, so she placed the online order the previous Friday. Seven pizzas at 2:30 on Monday afternoon. The pizzas weren’t ready, though. Why? The system had corrected her order for Daylight Saving Time, and it wouldn’t be ready until 2:30. [More]

Time Warner Cable Customers Can't Play World Of Warcraft

Time Warner Cable Customers Can't Play World Of Warcraft

We don’t play World of Warcraft, but if we did, it looks like we’d have to cancel Time Warner Cable and install FIOS in order to guarantee a connection to Blizzard’s servers. That’s what some East Coast WoW players are saying—they’ve been suffering disconnections and game-killing lags for months now, and Time Warner Cable seems unable to solve the problem. They swear they’re not doing anything to disrupt or throttle gamers, and say that “customers who are having problems on the local level should contact customer service.” Based on the 24-page thread on Blizzard’s forums, TWC’s customer service has yet to resolve the issue.