Jack In The Box: That'll Be A $30 Minimum Charge For Credit Or Debit, Please

Reader Jereme writes:

This last evening I was hungry and decided that I wanted Jack In the Box. So I went to the Manhattan Beach, CA store on Sepulveda Ave. When I pulled up and was beginning to determine what I wanted for dinner I noticed a sign on the order board. It stated that in order to use a credit card it required a 30 dollar purchase, ID and a signature. While I have seen minimum payment requirements before at various liquor stores and restaurants I have never seen one so high especially for a drive thru window…

I did ask if they accepted debit cards which I was told no. Since I did not have any cash I left and went to another fast food drive-thru that did accept my debit card without a minimum purchase or other requirements. I have read many posts on your website regarding this and the many responses from your readers. I did not make a fuss or a scene, I simply drove past their window without making an order as I did not feel that store wanted my business. I did send a complaint to the corporate office of Jack In the Box as well regarding the violation of the merchant agreements. While reporting them to VISA may do nothing I felt that your readers should know that some franchisees are getting a but silly with their credit card use requirements.

Jereme updated us:

As a follow up, I reported to the corporate office, VISA, and my bank. I heard nothing from Jack in the Box, VISA gave me their rules on what is not allowed, and Wells Fargo stated that merchants can set minimum purchase prices. I replied back to my bank with the answer I received from VISA. I have not yet heard back from my bank since that initial response.

I just got off the phone with Jack in the Box corporate customer care. The guy on the phone was nice enough, however he was not aware of the VISA merchant agreements either. He did state that the particular restaurant has had some cc fraud issues recently. But this shouldn’t cause users to be imposed with 30 dollar minimum purchases. He asked if I was able to be able to make a purchase using alternative means, so I stated that I did not have cash and did not return. He did offer to send out a coupon for some free Jack In the Box good at any of their restaurants.

Really, Jack In The Box? $30? A fast food place is one thing, but it’s kind of sad that even Wells Fargo can’t bother to read the Visa merchant guidelines.

The relevant section reads:

Always honor valid Visa cards in your acceptance category, regardless of the dollar amount of the purchase. Imposing minimum or maximum purchase amounts in order to accept a Visa card transaction is a violation of the Visa rules.

Visa Merchant Rules (PDF) [VISA]