Reach Pitney Bowes Executive Customer Service

800-622-2296 is the number for the Office of the President at Pitney Bowes, makers of fine mail processing equipment. One reader had a persistent problem with his meter and that was the number to which they eventually escalated him.


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  1. roche says:

    This story makes John Ratzenberger cry

  2. NoNamesLeft says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    I hate the damn machines. Whenever you run some letters through it, then want to change a setting, the machine decides that it would rather be “Performing Maintenance”.

    You know, wasting ink. The “Clean Print Heads” function also does nothing but waste ink.

    Stupid thing.

  4. Asmordean says:

    At my workplace we used to have one of their machines. We got it on a 90 day trial because the volume of mail we send out had increased to about 20 letters per day.

    While talking to the sales rep about it they led us to believe that we would only be looking at about 4-5¢ premium to use it over stamps so that was fine. The reality was that weeny ink cartridge barely has enough ink to print 500 envelopes but costs (at the time) $48 a pop. Still not bad but as s0crates82 mentions, the machine LOVES to clean itself. We were lucky to get 350 prints out of it. In the end the cost was far too much for value. I think it worked out to roughly 16¢ per print.

  5. sotaguy says:

    You mean Pitney BLOWES! Our office manager quit so I was handed the postage account. I tried numerous times to get a copy of the lease to determine ending date, terms, etc. but they would only send me the cover page of a 6 page lease! When the lease finally came up I had Pitney Bowes, Neopost and Hasler all come out and do a proposal. Pitney Blowes was twice what their competition was but I decided to go with where you print your own postage, it’s only $9.95 a month vs. the $440 a month Pitney Blowes wanted! We use .41 cent stamps for envelopes and print out postage when we need it for our packages. This little move saved us $27,000 over 5 years between our 2 offices! Of course Pitney Bowes kept sending us invoices for monthly leases but I called them and cancelled, still got more lease invoices. I finally got on the phone with their accounting and told them the lease is over, we sent the machine back ($490) and we were done with them, they claimed we never terminated the lease and said we still owed. I told them, FINE, I will wait until it goes to collection then deal with you and hung up. 10 minutes later got a call back from another Pitney Blowes rep saying the lease has been cancelled, we didn’t owe anything, they now show our equipment returned and have a nice day.Our satelite office didn’t realize we were implimenting a new system and signed up for a 5 year lease! I told them to get the lease and we would see what the terms were etc. perhaps we could get out of it. After 5 months of asking our sales rep and the contact number they gave us for service we never did get a copy of the lease! Out of the blue some rep from Pitney corporate called as a follow up, we told them about the lease and not getting it, they sent it out the next day. Get this, the sales rep FORGED our office managers signature on a different lease! After bringing that up to the rep. they sudenly agreed to let us out of our contract. My advice – if you do have to use a postage machine check out Neopost or Hasler as they are at least half the cost of Pitney Bowes! If you can get by with printing your own postage is great and so is

    I hat to write such a long and nasty message but this company has SOME SERIOUS PROBLEMS WITH THEIR SALES AGENTS AND IMAGE!

  6. antmuzic says:

    Pitney Blowes is a worst company in America contender for sure.

    Please, whatever you do, do not get a Pitney Bowes machine – there can be no good that can come from it. Signing a Pitney Bowes lease can only end in tears – they are too expensive, too hard to maintain, take too much ink – and the company has very poor customer service.