Odd Gadget Turns Man Blue

Paul Karason is blue. He has been drinking colloidal silver for the past 14 years. He gets his silver fix by putting a device with two metal prongs running electricity that injects silver into water. He doesn’t think drinking the water made him blue, rather, it was that he applied the water to his skin. No doubt he bought the gizmo from an infomercial. The drink is supposed to be a universal cure-all, but the one thing it can’t cure, it seems, is being completely blue-colored. Transcript inside…

ANCHOR: His name is Paul Karason, and he is – blue.

REPORTER: Believe me, it’s not makeup or paint, Paul Kerason’s skin is a deep, blue, purple color. The 57-year-old started making the transition from fair skin and freckles to this about 14 years ago.

PAUL: The change was so gradual that I didn’t perceive it, and the people around me, likewise, it was just so gradual no one really noticed. It wasn’t until a friend I hadn’t seen in several months came by to my parent’s place to see me and he asked, “What did you do?”

REPORTER: What Paul did is use a substance called colloidal silver, might by extracting silver into water with an electrical current and drinking it. It’s billed as something that will cure just about anything that ails ya, and Paul swears by it.

REPORTER (To Paul): After it turned your skin blue, you’re drinking it.

PAUL: Yes, but much less.

Blue Man Seeks Acceptance [ABC30]