You Really, Really, Hate Blockbuster For Raising Prices

Here’s a collection of reactions to Blockbuster’s rate increase culled from our tipline:

I responded by immediately canceling my account – I gave them the benefit of a doubt the first time, but this is too much.

One thing I enjoyed, when you cancel your account through their website – there’s a text field for “How Can We Improve”….but it’s limited to 255 characters….I don’t think they can really improve in only 255 letters. -Scott

“I don’t know what planet you are from, but the marketing technique of “make the company richer at the expense of existing customers” does not translate well to consumers. I would understand a price hike for new customers, but to slap your current customers in the face with these OUTRAGEOUS prices is absurd. This is especially true when said consumers can get a drastically better deal from your competitor and they are still dropping prices. Have you thought about how your pricing plans compare with Netflix, your main competitor in the online movie rental industry? Its no wonder Blockbuster has lost so much money in the past quarter. Not to mention losing over half a million customers.” -Kris

i just got this email from blockbuster, this sh#$ is getting rediculous?!? i was happy with my 14 dollar plan with unlimited trades, now im going to be paying 20 bucks a month for 5 trade ins and a lousy 4 movies a month? what a scam! -Chris

Your plan restructure took effect this summer and I received a notice that my rate and features would be grandfathered in and remain the same. I would not personally consider this rate hike part of that restructuring; several months have passed. I have subscribed to your service for a long time, since shortly after it started. Now I am about to leave. I understand the realities of business and appreciate your candor. The question is what are you willing to do to keep me as a customer? -Tim

Ugh. -Naomi

I have been using blockbuster online now for a few years and have been enjoying instore exchanges. Back in July they changed their subscription plans, but to my suprise i was grandfathered in under my old plan and was told i would not have to change my plan (at this time). Well last night was time. I got an email saying the price would go to 19..99 from 17.99 and only get a limited number of instore exchanges. Granted i probably use about an average of about 4 instore exchanges a month (some months i use 10 but some i use 1), but this might be the straw that breaks the camels back and send me BACK to Netflix. -Will

First they drop me from unlimeted in-store exchanges down to 5 in-store exchanges per month. The number 5 is idiotic…movies come 3 at a time in the mail…why not allow 6 in-store exchanges per month? At least then you could feel somewhat fulfilled by having 2 opportunities per month to exchange everything that you get in the mail – it’s not what I signed up for in the first place, but I understand that you can’t have unlimited everything. The biggest kick in the teeth is that when I follow the rules and make my 4th and 5th exchange in a month (turning in 3 envelopes, picking up two in-store excahnges) the in-store reps ALWAYS ask me why I’m not taking advantage of all 3 exchanges! I’m tired of explaining their own policy to them!

Now, after I get less than what I signed up for and have to do all the brainwork for their reps, Blockbuster has sent me a notice telling me they will be raising the price of my monthly fee $2 per month, from $17.99 to $19.99…so for the past few months, I was paying the same for less…now, I’ll be paying more for less.

As I have explained to Blockbuster before, I am sorry that I signed up for their offers and made them so successful, but I won’t do it anymore. I’m going back to Netflix ASAP. -Greg

I got a Christmas supprise from Blockbuster Online this morning. They sent me a E-Mail telling me how much I love them and hidden in the 3rd chapter was informed that they were so awesome that I was going to be able to pay them $2 more ($11.99) starting in a week.

What a great Bait and Switch. They make me realize that there store down the street is too expensive, then they make me switch to Netflix. At lease Netflix does not hold movies back when you exchange too many in a month. -Jeremy

They must be out of their damn minds.

I am switching to Netflix. -Bill

They say it so nicely, don’t they… how many people do you think actually read this email? -MarkMan

Blockbuster is now trying to raise out rate by two bucks a month after sending an e-mail a couple months back telling us our service nor price was changing. They really know how to keep customers! I’m out of there! -Wayne

Good job Blockbuster!

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