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Chris Rief

Is The FDA Doing Enough To Keep Problematic Personal Care Products Off Shelves?

When you slather that trendy beauty lip balm on or try a new shampoo for the first time, perhaps you’re under the impression that the federal government has a process in place that ensures that cosmetic or personal care product is safe before it touches your body. But the reality is that cosmetics manufacturers don’t have to obtain premarket approval before selling most new products — and whether or not they report adverse events related to those items is pretty much up to them. Some in the industry think it’s time for this to change. [More]

Karen Chappell

A Supplement Company Sued Over Research It Didn’t Like… And Lost

Unlike FDA-approved medications, makers of dietary supplements are not required to demonstrate that their products are safe or effective. That shouldn’t stop independent researchers from doing their own tests to find out if a product works or is dangerous, but when one Harvard professor tried to do just that, supplement makers tried to shut him up.. [More]

Mike Mozart

Target Unveils Policy Aimed At Removing Potentially Harmful Chemicals From Products

The ingredient lists dotting the aisles of Target could soon get a makeover, one aimed not only at making the lists easier to read, but reducing the amount and types of chemicals used.  [More]

Kashi’s “All-Natural” Labeling To End After Kellogg’s Agrees To $5M Settlement

Kashi’s “All-Natural” Labeling To End After Kellogg’s Agrees To $5M Settlement

It’s always nice to know what you’re putting in your body comes from all-natural ingredients, not, say something called pyridoxine hydrochloride found in Kashi products. That doesn’t sound very natural, does it? That’s because it probably isn’t. [More]

FDA Scientists Find Amphetamine-Like Ingredient In 9 Diet Supplements… So Where’s The Warning?

FDA Scientists Find Amphetamine-Like Ingredient In 9 Diet Supplements… So Where’s The Warning?

Scientists from the Food and Drug Administration have found nine “all natural” dietary supplements that contain a “non-natural” amphetamine-like compound. But then why hasn’t the FDA itself issued any kind of warning to the public about using those products? [More]

FDA: There Are Gross Things (Like Bug Parts) In 12% Of Imported Spices

FDA: There Are Gross Things (Like Bug Parts) In 12% Of Imported Spices

It’s never going to be a fun read when a report from the Food and Drug Administration includes the words “pathogen,” “filth” and “insects.” Unless your idea of fun includes learning that 12% of the spices we import for food purposes are contaminated. [More]


USDA Approves Label That Will Identify Products From Animals Fed A Non-GMO Diet

There will be a bit more transparency in the grocery aisle soon, at least for some products. The United State’s Agriculture Department has given the go-ahead to a label that will tout meat and liquid egg products as being free of genetically modified ingredients. This doesn’t mean, however, that the USDA is requiring all meat and poultry processors to do so, but it’s the first time the department has approved a non-GMO label. [More]

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5 Foods Banned In Other Countries That We Chow Down On In The U.S.

If the United States could be sitting on the playground with other countries, those nations might not be so willing to swap lunches. In other words, we’ve got stuff in our food that people eat or drink every day, while those same substances are banned from consumable products elsewhere. So what exactly are we chowing down on that our fellow humans aren’t? [More]


Chipotle Is The First U.S. Fast Food Chain To Identify Products With GMO Ingredients

Sure, you probably know the basic ingredients in your fast food lunch — chicken or beef, lettuce and tomato, whathaveyou — after all, you’re the one who ordered it. But if you, like many consumers, care whether or not those ingredients include genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the ingredient list usually is no help. Chipotle announced that it will now mark those ingredients on its website for discerning consumers. [More]